Pearly Whites with an Electric Toothbrush

Having two bathrooms in the house means buying two sets of everything. From hand towels to face creams, the price of buying two sets of everything really adds up with the most expensive items being our electric toothbrushes. 

G only uses one of the bathrooms whilst I use both of them and up until now, I kept an electric toothbrush in one and a standard toothbrush in the other. We love our Philips Sonicare toothbrushes in white and pink, his and her colours but couldn't really justify a third purchase for the other bathroom.

Oral B were the first electric toothbrushes we both used and are much more affordable, so when Pure Smiles* sent out the Oral B Pro 2500 in a lovely sleek black, I did a little happy dance and couldn't wait to try it out. Pure Smiles are a Fulham based dental practice specialising in treatments such as teeth whitening and invisalign, and of course they would know which electric toothbrushes are good for keeping your pearly whites nice and healthy.

Switching from the Philips Sonicare to the Oral B Pro 2500 took some getting used to as the brush head feels much larger than the Sonicare, but overall it's a good electric toothbrush. 

I really like the red light pressure alert feature which flashes if you are pressing the toothbrush too hard against your teeth, since this is very easily done. One of its selling points is that the battery lasts for more than 2 weeks on 1 full charge and it delivered as promised. 

The 2 minute timer helps you stick to the recommended brushing time, but I never reach a full 2 minutes, oops! The one on-off button didn't offer different brushing choices unlike the Sonicare, but this makes it more straightforward and I didn't find it an issue. It also comes with a handy travel case which is quite slimline and wouldn't take up too much luggage space. 

Amazon are currently selling this at at amazing £30.00 (rrp £79.99) when I last checked, and that is just incredible value for such a well performing electric toothbrush.        

Yay or nay to electric toothbrushes?

*This was sent to me to review. All opinions are strictly my own and unbiased


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