A Minimalist Look With Rattan Furniture

It's possible to give any conservatory an attractive minimalist look by using furniture in rattan direct from a well respected manufacturer. Low maintenance and contemporary, it's an ideal choice.

Once upon a time, furniture for conservatories was generally made from wicker, and although it looked attractive, it wasn't ideal for use on a daily basis. Since it is resistant to sunlight, wicker furnishings are practical, however they can look outdated in modern homes. Also, as conservatories are used a lot more regularly these days, wicker isn't really appropriate in many homes.

When you want a more modern look for your conservatory and home, rattan furnishings are perfect for you. Hard wearing and practical, they are low maintenance and easy to care for, yet still look fantastic throughout the year.

What Exactly is Rattan?

Today, rattan furnishings are popular, however this modern trend is actually rattan's second wind, having been especially fashionable in the 19th century. Tough and versatile, natural rattan comes from one of the plants related to the palm tree, originating from Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. In the 1890s, rattan furniture was imported from overseas for use in conservatories, however during the Edwardian period, it made the move to the drawing room in the shape of decorative chairs and small side tables.

Unfortunately, natural rattan is not especially durable, and when exposed to rain, snow and frost it can deteriorate rapidly, and, as a result, today's popular rattan furniture is made using synthetic fibres. Although these fibres feel and look just as luxurious and attractive as natural rattan, they are much lower maintenance while also being resilient enough to leave outside all year round.

It's therefore no surprise that these days, synthetic rattan dining and conservatory sets are top selling items. Made using traditional woven designs, many contemporary rattan pieces have a shape that closely resembles classic living room furniture yet with a minimalist appeal which is ideal for patios or garden rooms.

Garden Furniture With Minimalist Appeal

Modular rattan furniture sets look modern and stylish since they can be arranged flexibly into several shapes. You can create a U-shaped sofa or corner suite with a minimalist, non-fussy appearance which is perfect for contemporary rooms. These sets can also be paired with light cushions in neutrally decorated conservatories to create the perfect minimalist space.

Or why not create a minimalist terrace or patio using rattan corner sofas to create an outdoor living space which is ideal for summer use. Resistant to the weather, they look just as good in winter as in summer, and with their stylish clean lines, you can be sure they will look elegant and sophisticated in any outdoor environment. Outdoor entertaining is easier when you choose a conversation grouping for your furniture, and it will look great around a fire pit or coffee table.

Minimalism With Multi-Function

Perhaps the best feature of modern synthetic rattan furnishings is that they can be easily stored away in minimalist ways, preventing eyesores in the garden. Many rattan dining sets have permanent storage, with the stools fitting easily under the chairs, the back rests stacking conveniently into the seats, and all of the pieces neatly sliding away under the surface of the table for the ultimate solution.

Cube sets are another minimalistic choice, and their modern shapes looks fantastic whatever style your home décor. Available across several sizes, it's even possible to find space saving sets for use on balconies and small patios. How better to bring contemporary appeal to an outdoor seating area, even if the exterior space itself is minimal!

Combining Minimalist Colour Palettes

By choosing cushion covers for rattan furniture which comes in neutral colours like whites, beiges and creams, you can give your space a more fashionable look. Available in weatherproof and waterproof fabrics, minimalist rattan furniture can be used either outdoors or indoors to perfectly complement any garden layout or décor.

Many contemporary rattan furnishing sets have the popular Scandi-vibe, with a streamlined look, and this is ideal for any Scandinavian styled conservatory or room. As there are also many compact versions available, rattan furniture is perfect for small rooms, and as there are many modular designs, it's possible to re-arrange them easily and quickly to suit your style or mood.

Ideal when paired with glass coffee tables and white accessories for any contemporary conservatory, and beautiful when arranged on decking or a patio and decorated with ornaments, lanterns or fairy lights, minimalist rattan future will catch the eye and create a striking impression.

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