Smoky, Juicy, Glorious Meat at Blacklock, Soho

This post goes way back to last year when I was still pregnant with Isaac, but the food was so damn delicious that I couldn't have it sitting in my drafts forever. Better late than never. 

I had date night planned with the lovely Tiff, Yee and Alisha, my Instagram foodie gang where we are constantly salivating over each other's IG feed. There is literally no better dinner companion than people who really love their food, know where to find good food and girls who can eat a truckload of meat. It's not just guys that like their steaks and meat platters!

Located in busy Soho, I must have walked passed Blacklock a million times and never even noticed it. There's a small black door with steps leading all the way downstairs which opens up to a spacious and cosy hangout downstairs.  

Loving the rustic but refined decor. There's an easy vibe going on and as it's still early, the tables are not yet filled. It's heaving by the time we finish our early dinner. The girls arrive soon after I've made my pregnant self comfortable and it doesn't take us long to order. Blacklock is the place to be if you want meat and lots of it. 

We go for the 'All In' platter which comes with 3 Pre Chop Bites of our choice, and all of the skinny chops listed on the menu which are piled on top chargrilled flatbread. The 'All In' platter is £20 per person and includes a side each, so we also pick 4 sides to go with the meats.

Crispbread topped with egg and anchovy, duck rillette and apple kimchi, cheese and pickle. First 2 were delicious, and the pickles on the 3rd were great but I have issues with stinky blue cheese...

And the glorious meat platter arrives. Some of my meat came separately as I'd asked for it to be well done so there were roughly 3 portions here. So much meat.... and it the meat was just incredible.

Smoky, juicy, savoury and full of umami. The depths of flavour were insane. And if I thought the meat alone was incredible, I was knocked off my socks when I tasted the meat juice-soaked-flatbread hiding underneath the chops. How can a piece of bread taste that amazing?! Our only complaint was that there wasn't enough of it.

Our sides of beef dripping chips x2 were excellent and the perfect companion for the chops. Token greens of barbecued baby gems and kale with parmesan were both good too, but I was here for the meats and carbs. Hell yeah.

We finished everything. I have a few favourite places I like to go for steak and meat, and Blacklock is now firmly on that list. It's cheap for top quality meat and the flavours of the meats are somehow uniquely different to other steak restaurants. We had such a great meal at Blacklock and writing this post has me hankering for a revisit. I need to go back for more smoky chops and insane flatbread very, very soon.

24 Great Windmill Street
Soho, London

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