Dumpling Shack + A Day Out in Broadway Market

I had Dumpling Shack on my eat list forever but never got the chance to go until recently. Dumpling Shack is set up and run by John alongside his girlfriend Yee, who is a friend of mine, and every week I was being tormented with incredibly juicy looking dumplings which filled my Instagram feed.

Located in Broadway Market, it's one of the many food stalls but naturally stands out as the only Chinese dumpling stall. With Isaac and my sister in tow, we've arrived early before trading starts to ensure I am definitely getting my hands on a portion before they sell out.

After excitedly hugging and babbling away to Yee and meeting John for the first time, we're ready to tuck into some dumplings. This week, it's pork with leek sheng jian baos.

They are everything I had dreamed of. The dough is perfectly soft and chewy, and the plump meaty mound inside is bursting with juices and there's a subtle sweetness from the fresh pork and leeks.

The ultimate condiments to go with any dumplings has to be soya sauce, chilli oil and a splash of vinegar and I'm so glad to see this is exactly what the dumplings are served with. The fresh spring onions and sesame add another flavour dimension and they have that wonderful homemade-dumpling taste to them.

I could have eaten a few dozens of these by myself. Isaac had a nibble minus the condiments and he loved them too! My parents have always made the best potsticker dumplings and whilst these sheng jian baos are slightly different to potstickers, they are the closest thing I am going to get to my parents dumplings when they live millions of miles away in Hong Kong.

Once we've wolfed down the delicious dumplings, we make our way around Broadway Market for more good eats.

We had our fill of oysters at 2 different stalls and my sis got some amazing sea urchin too. It was so creamy and sweet and tasted so fresh.

We finished up with Laksa which was good and coconutty but lacking some punch. Lime and fish sauce on the side would have done just the job but sadly they had none.

Pineberries from a fruit stall are so, so good! They are super sweet, look like strawberries but taste of pineapples. Mind blown.

Plenty on offer at Broadway Market. To walk off lunch, we headed over to the nearby Victoria park to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom and we loved the park especially with the children's playground. We'll be back again.

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