Sofa Inspirations

When we bought our home back in 2014, G wanted to splash out on a fancy sofa but I was happy to go wallet friendly and get something practical. Practicality won and we went with the Ikea Friheten sofa which could be turned into a double sofa bed and had amazing storing space under the chaise longue.

However, 2 years on and our sofa has become so soft that it's no longer comfortable to sit or sleep on. I love so much about that sofa, but now might be the time to finally splurge on something more special. I now realise furniture that will be used daily are worth spending a bit more on and it saves the hassle of dismantling everything when the time comes to replace it.  

Clockwise from top left to centre:
1) Akio Sofa Bed, is a practical colour and is also a sofa bed. It's very similar to our current one but without the storage.
2) Alicia Corner, Fishpools is one huge comfy sofa with a great neutral colour. Fishpools sofas are high end but likely to be good quality at that price bracket. 
3. Hendricks, Habitat. I love the navy blue and how spacious it looks.
4. Julianne, The colour is so striking and I love the modern retro design. 
5) Dixie, In my favourite and oh so plump and inviting.
6) Ariana, Loving the pale grey and how chic this sofa would look in my living room.
7) Sidney, Habitat It's the perfect grey and the largeness of it looks so comfortable.

Which is your favourite sofa?


  1. I love the pink one! We got our sofa steamed cleaned last week its now back to how it looks when we first brought it so I think our sofa will last a little longer.


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