October 05, 2015

Living Room Decor - Before & After

I love sharing home posts, which you guys know from my kitchen and bathroom updates, and I'm happy to finally have some good photos to share of our living room.

I've been slowing adding the finishing touches to our home, so expect to see more of these posts! We have a through lounge (open space of living and dining room), so first up is the living room.

When we came to view the house on open day, I knew I would be doing something to that 'dead space' behind the sofa. The space behind the sofa is often not used to it's full potential and it is one of the best places for storage. I'm all for furniture that has double uses, and my pride and joy of the living room has to be this bookshelf + disply unit. It was an idea I saw in the Tesco's Home catalogue, so I had my builder re-create it. It's built into the wall for a flushed look and maximises the space from top to bottom as well as left to right.


The sofa is pulled away from the shelving unit and we had boxes stashed behind it to give us even more storage space. They mainly contain old documents and things that are not needed on a daily basis. Covering the boxes with a nice throw hides all the ugliness of the plastic boxes.

The TV mounted on the wall and tech set up is G's pride in the living room. Right underneath the TV used to be a gas fireplace that we ripped out to make room for the amp/mac mini and the cables are all hidden in a cable tidy. 

The space with the arm chair and console table was a headache at first as I didn't know what to do with the space, but it's now our reading nook with a mini bar on the bottom left. I had no room for the bottle of wines and champagne flutes in the kitchen, so this worked out great.  

We kept the exisiting layout of the living and dining room, but we changed from carpet to real wood floors, added the book shelf/feature wall, took out the gas fire and mounted the TV, and changed from spotlights to a single pendant light (we changed this throught the house apart from the hall way and bathrooms). We love the dark brown floors against the white walls.

What do you think of our living room and do you use the dead space behind the sofa?


  1. It looks great - love the decor, the prints and those Mr and Mrs cushions! Great job x

    1. Aww thanks so much Mary! I have a few more bits to add but I'm buying things slowly

  2. Brilliant idea - I love the use of space. It looks so much better :)

    1. Thanks so much Lylia, I'm always in need of storage space!

  3. This is gorgeous, the built in bookshelf is my favourite part of the lounge. A great way to store keepsakes and bits and bobs. I can’t wait for the day I have my own house to decorate, for sure I’m gonna go pinterest crazy when I do haha.

    Tiffany x


    1. Thanks Tiffany, it's my favourite spot in the lounge too :)
      Haha, yes Pinterest is THE place to get inspiration ideas!

  4. Ahh you're giving me so much interior design envy! Beautiful living room - such an amazing change from the 'before' pics :)

    Etta xx

    1. Awww thanks Etta! Really glad you like it! :)


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