Welcome To The World Baby

It finally happened. My beautiful baby boy arrived on Independence Day 4th July after being 2 weeks overdue. Please meet Isaac Jun Hei Lam. 

He weighed in at a healthy 7lb 5oz and from the moment G and I laid our eyes on him, we were mesmerised and fell head over heels in love.

Meeting him for the first time was truly special. For months, I'd be wondering what he looked liked, whether he'd have my eyes or how much he would look G. Turns out he is definitely a mini G with daddy's nose, mouth and ears! 

It's been almost 6 weeks since he was born and everyday has been filled with love and laughter at his little expressions and his baby cuteness. Watching him grow and seeing his face change every day is something I look forward to with every waking moment and he's the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep. 

Getting to know our baby has been an elation and to have friends and family shower us with love and support (and so many presents!) makes the whole experience even more incredible.

My heart melted when he did his first wink and smile at mummy! I was so lucky I managed to capture this shot.

Waiting for this morning milk fully alert. 

Our little Lam with his lambs! 

An utterly adorable and super special gift to receive from the ladies at Lil Dimsum

A handmade mobile which hangs over his cot, a gift made by the lovely Tiffany of Yours Truly Celebrations

Welcome to the world Baby Lam.


  1. Aww this is so sweet Lucy! So glad you're doing well and baby looks so cute and happy! Can't wait to visit you soon! xx

    1. Thank you Hanh! Sorry for the late reply, and yes come and visit :) x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Angie! And sorry for the late reply :)

  3. Congratulations, he is so sweet! I'm 32 weeks and can't wait to meet my little boy :) x

    Gemma Louise

    1. Thank you Gemma! (sorry for the late reply, oops) You must be almost due by now, congratulations to you! It will be the best thing that's ever happened to you :) x

  4. Congratulations, Lucy! Isaac is absolutely gorgeous! Love that photo of that cheeky little smile - you should be incredibly proud to be the mum of such a beautiful boy :) x

    1. Thank you Tamsin! Sorry for the late reply :) Yes I was lucky to capture that cheeky smile shot, love him to bits x

  5. He's too cute - can't wait for him and Nicole to finally meet!


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