Seafood Feasting at Wright Brothers, Soho

When it comes to seafood, I have to say I usually eat it Asian style. We're talking about clams stir fried in black bean sauce, lobster in ginger and spring onion, deep fried salt and pepper prawns and of course sushi. Just thinking about it has me salivating, and whilst I love seafood this way, I also appreciate Western styles of cooking seafood.

Wright Brothers* in Soho is the place to go if you're looking for an oyster fest, since they have quite a few varieties of oysters to choose from and they even have Oyster Hour where all oysters are £1 each!! Oyster lovers will know how much of a good value that is.

I'm a big fan of oysters too, but I've been unfortunate enough to get the norovirus the last few times I've indulged in them, so I'm a little scarred from it. But whilst oysters were not on the menu for me, Wright Brothers offer plenty of other choices in seafood and gave me a chance to work through the cooked menu for a change.

We started off with some refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails.  

Tempura king prawns were quite delightful and tasty, although the cooked alioli on side was an odd pairing.

My friend's tuna tartare with avocado and ponzu, which she said was delicious. The crackers were on the salty side and wasn't necessary as the tuna was good enough to be enjoyed on its own.

My mains of whole Cornish lemon sole, chilli, herb and crab meat butter. The lemon sole was perfectly fresh but as I prefer heavier tastes, it could have done with more dressing. I can't believe how filling it is to eat a whole fish though, I was so full after this!

Whole crab with black pepper, basil, almond and yogurt. I had a taste of this and whoa it was peppery!! The pepper really made this dish quite exciting, but beware if you can't handle the heat, as the pepper had the both of us choking to start with.

And fries are always the perfect accompaniment.

The ambiance at Wright Brothers is spot on, perfect for dates and long catch ups with friends. We didn't want to leave after dinner so of course that meant we had to stay for dessert!

My orange, almond and yogurt cake was intensely rich, a little too rich for my liking since the sponge is already soaked in an orange liquid and I was advised to pour yogurt all over the cake.

I have to say I got real food envy when my friend's chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice cream arrived. It tasted out of this world and I was kicking myself for not ordering this as well, but luckily my friend was kind enough to share.

Overall, both myself and my friend had a fantastic evening at Wright Brothers, thanks to the lovely ambiance and attentiveness of the staff. It's certainly a restaurant I will be going back to when I need a seafood hit since everything we sampled was all very fresh and good quality.

However, some of the dishes lacked flavour, and some were a little overpowering. Not a deal breaker and I'm sure with a bit of tweaking from the chefs, the cooked food menu will shine like their famous oyster platters.

*I was a guest of Wright Brothers. All opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. Thanks again for inviting me Lucy, was a great catch up! You just reminded me how amazing that chocolate dessert was!

    1. You are most welcome Hahh, thanks for joining me, it was so fun to catch up properly :)

      Ahh, that choc fondant and salted caramel icecream!!!

  2. Thanks Lucy for sharing this. Their food look awesome!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, all fresh seafood! Tempura was my favourite.

  3. Those portions look insanely generous! I've heard so much about their oysters, I'm definitely tempted to visit for that a lone but would also consider some of the dishes you've tried... particularly the crab as I love pepper!

    1. Thanks Connie! Yes the portions were pretty huge. If you can, go for oyster hour, it's such good value for money.

  4. J favourite place for happy hour oysters! I think I would have gone for the lemon sole for the crab I am old school prefer the steam and dipping in red vinegar and ginger!

    1. Haha yes I remember! The lemon sole was fresh, just needed a bit more seasoning. Yes love plain old crab Chinese style.


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