February's Degustabox* has been one of my favourite boxes so far, with some exciting discoveries. Nothing for the cooking side of things but plenty of snacks and drinks.

For £6.99 every month, Degustabox will send you 9-15 items of yummy food to be enjoyed over the month, some of which can't be easily found in our supermarkets, so it's a great way to discover new things.
My Favourites:

Nutribix is a wholegrain cereal, similar to Weetabix but with more crunch, a slight sweetness and keeps you incredibly full. I ate 3 bix for breakfast and I was full for a good 4 hours and almost missed my lunch! It contains coconut, honey and the ancient grain Sorghum. I tried to hunt this down in our Tesco but they don't stock it yet much to my dismay.

Ritz Crisp & Thin in sea salt and vinegar were insanely addictive. Nothing ever replaces my love for crisps, but these are so satisfying. They are an oven baked potato snack and also comes in cream cheese and onion flavour.
Vit-Hit in Apple & Elderflower. Deliciously fruity and with the perfect amount of sweetness. This all natural juice based tea drink has 100% the recommended daily allowance of 8 different vitamins, no added sugar and only contains 35 calories a bottle. I'll definitely be looking out for this in the future and trying the other flavours.

J2O Spritz in Apple & Watermelon, Pear & Raspberry. Both were refreshing and so nice served chilled. The flavours are delicate, not overly sweet and combines delicate bubbles. 63 calories a bottle makes them guilt free, and I know I am going to be drinking these all summer.   

Divine Chocolate. I'm not new to this brand of chocolates and like them a lot for their quality. These caramel bars are perfect for my afternoon tea break, favourite being the milk chocolate over the dark. It's also great that they are suitable for vegetarians and free from palm oil. 

Hartley's jelly pots make a great snack/dessert and I especially enjoyed the ones that packed in the fruit (top). The 10 cal jelly pots are perfect for those looking for a light treat.  

 The Others:

James White Carrot Drink. This might be super healthy but it wasn't for me. There's a slight tangy aftertaste which didn't have my tastebuds dancing for joy. If you're after a health hit, this British carrot juice drink is sure to make up one of your 5 a day.

Sarsons Malt Vinegar. Who doesn't love vinegar, I love dousing this all over my chips until they are literally drowing in it. The perfect condiment for Fish and Chips, with a delightful illustration by artist Paul Thurlby.

Beloved Date bars, are 100% natural and bound with natural date nectar. These were not for me. They had a tangy aftertaste, something I'm not really keen on in sweet foods, so I passed them to colleagues who did enjoy them.

Mr Kipling Exceedingly Good Slices. A golden and oaty cake with dried fruits and a healthier way to enjoy cake. These cakes don't taste bad, but they are a little on the dry side. A fellow blogger described it as a cross between a cake and a flapjack which is pretty spot on, so if you like both, you'll probably love this. I'm generally not a fan of flapjacks unfortuately, but I have tried this cake in the Dark Chocolate & Coconut version which I did enjoy.

If you guys are interested in trying out the Degustabox for yourselves, use the discount code BLDEG15 at checkout and only pay £6.99 instead of the usual £12.99!

*This was sent to me for review purposes. All views are my own and unbiased.


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