Home Decor Items To Transform Your Living Space

Whether you own your own home or renting, small touches around your home can make all the difference in adding character to a space, and you guys know I love sharing my home decor posts with you.

To build a living space that I feel utterly comfortable in, I like to think of the space as a blank canvas.
Starting with neutral coloured walls/flooring sets a good base and then add large furniture pieces that are cohesive to define the space.

Being clutter free is important to me, so depending on how many items you own whether they are books, DVDS, photo albums etc they all need a rightful place to live in. Bookshelves, chests and display units are the obvious storage solutions, and once these elements are in place the small finishing touches are so important to making a space feel homely.

Shopping for home decor is one of my favourite past times, and whilst I've mainly stuck to high street stores, some signature pieces are worth paying a little more such as this unusual lamp which I've found on Uncommon Goods.

For a living room space, you can add colour and texture in the form of cushions and throws, like these ones here, and adding a rug to wooden floors can make it feel extra cosy.

Using themed bookends on a book shelf will add interest and it'll double up as a decorative piece too. I'm particularly fond of the bicycle book ends like the ones here.

Wood is a element that features strongly throughout my home and I adore the look of rustic/reclaimed wood like this side table here.  

But before you get carried away and buy lots of home decor items, it's important to think about how all the pieces will work together in the same place, otherwise you may end up with look that's more chaotic than cosy. 

What do you guys look out for when shopping for home decor items?

*This post is in collaboration with Uncommon Goods


  1. I love your decor posts! Just had a browse on the website there's quite a good selection of offerings. I agree the clutter free is so important especially for me in our tiny apartment!

    1. Thanks Mandy, I always love your home posts too! Yes lots of unusual items on their site that's worth adding as key pieces around the home.


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