Lemon Yakult Ice Crush at Happy Lemon

Bubble tea shops have exploded all over London as you guys will have noticed no doubt. A load of them are now collated inside China town, but Happy Lemon is one that is a little different to the rest. I first tried this shop in Hong Kong, and loved the lemon theme. It's also in my favourite colour yellow, which is another loveable reason!

The use of tangy lemons in most of their drinks is super refreshing and I have struggled to stray away from the lemon and yakult crush with lemon jelly. If lemon really isn't your thing, they also have classics milk teas on their menu.

There's plenty to choose from but it's definitely the lemon smoothies that get me every time.

Love the yellow and white seating area if you fancy chilling in the shop.

Here's my lemon and yakult crush with lemon jelly and the Happy Lemon chappy!

Happy Lemon
24A Newport Court
China Town, London


  1. This place looks so cute Lucy! Will have to pop in next time I'm in Chinatown :)

    Hanh / hanhabelle

    1. The lemon crush drinks are sooo yummy here Hanh!

  2. I LOVE YAKULT haha I just had to put it out there. I’ve always passed this Bubble Tea shop but never actually tried it myself. Think I will after reading this, thanks Lucy!
    Tiffany C |

    1. Haha, I'm a big Yakult fan too! One of the only bubble tea shops I rate in London, all the others are too artificial. Enjoy Tiffany!

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