December Holiday Photobook | Hello Taiwan + Hong Kong!

Hi guys, hope you have all had a great Christmas and New Year break! As most of you know, I've been a little absent on blog-o-sphere since I went to Taiwan and Hong Kong for 2.5 weeks in December, but I'm now back and ready to blog!

Catch up on my holiday pics over on Instagram if you want to see what eating the entire Taiwan and Hong Kong looks like....

Holidays abroad always mean that good food is on the agenda, and this trip was no different. From fried chicken to crispy fried taro balls, G and I ate our way through Taiwan in 6 days, working our way from Taipei to Tainan to Taichung. It was my first time in Taiwan (G's 2nd time), a country that has been on my bucket list forever and I'm so happy I finally got to go.

Mee Sua. Of all the delicious goodies we filled our stomachs with, I was blown away by Mee Sua, a type of noodle in a sticky/thick soup which I first read about on and fondly named as goop soup.

Top of our food memories are also the 'large sausage wrapped little sausage', condensed milk shaved snow ice, braised pork rice (of course!), intensely rich and creamy soya milk as well as the most incredible Japanese style beef bbq.

I cannot explain the exhilaration that stumbling across the Rilakumma Cafe brought on. I'm so grateful G not only let me make a reservation, he also let me act like a 5 year old and did not roll his eyes once at me.

Taiwan's famous food night markets and eating aside, we also got to visit the wonderful seaside village of Jiufen and the relaxing hot spring town of Beitou. Anping in the south of Taiwan was tranquil and relaxing for the soul too.




Hong Kong
After a full on 6 days, we were excited to head back to Hong Kong to spend time with our families, friends and get on with some shopping like we usually do! It was also our 3rd wedding anniversary where we spent the day watching the much anticipated Star Wars. As we got married in Hong Kong, it always feels special to be back during our wedding anniversary.

Don't you just love a holiday surrounded by amazing food? I know I do.


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    1. Isn't it just! I want to try and make it at home :)

  2. You're holiday looks fab' and the food snaps you took are great. I think I need to book myself a holiday to HK and Taiwan asap!

    1. Thanks Melissa! When holidays are revolved are food, it's always a good holiday. Yes, you need to go! :)


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