Tesco's Beautifully Balanced Frozen Range

When you work full time or lead a busy life, it's not easy to find the time to cook all the time. Whilst you guys know I love to cook most of the time, there are days when I want to eat out or cook with minimum effort. I'm talking instant noodles with frankfurters and 'ding ding' meals here.

I'm always tempted by ready meals at the supermarket but try not to indulge too much since they can be high in fat, sugar and salt, but their convenience is unbeatable.

When Tesco invited me to their Beautifully Balance event to test out their new range of healthy frozen meals that are all low in fat, sugar and salt, I wanted to see if it would still taste great if it was supposed to be super healthy. After all, the meals are created by trained chefs who are all passionate foodies!

The new frozen range includes soups, sauces, superfood mixes, whole grain pasta dishes, meat dishes and more. With 1-2 portions of vegetables in every dish, it's an easy way to start living more healthy. 65% of UK shoppers (research by Insight at Tescos) say that their lifestyle isn't as healthy as they would like it to be.

Independent research has also shown that 2 out of 3 cases, frozen fruit and vegetables score better on antioxidant type compounds than fresh ones, so Tesco's new frozen range is better than your average ready meal in terms of nutrition.

We got to sample the creamy Cajun chicken, South Indian chicken curry, vegetable pasta sauce, a superfood mix of quinoa, edamame, brown rice and mixed vegetables, as well as butternut squash soup.

Wow, I LOVED the creamy Cajun chicken and South Indian chicken curry! The flavours were full on and I savoured every bite. Served with a side of the superfood mix, not only did I feel healthy whilst eating it, I also enjoyed the flavours and textures so much. I am absoultely going to be picking these up for easy weekday meals on my next shop.

The butternut squash soup and vegetable sauce was too bland for my liking, but this is down to personal preference and some people naturally like their food without too much salt, whereas I like to add salt or soya sauce to my food.

We were given a generous goodie bag of meals from the range, and a giftcard to take home too, thank you Tesco! 

I had the chicken in ginger, lime and chilli served with udon noodles for dinner, and they reminded me of thai green curry but sweeter. The laksa was not strong in the flavour department at all and I did find this one a real let down, but I know I will be sure to go back and grab the meals I did enjoy!

Will you guys be trying Tesco's  beautifully balanced frozen range?

*I was a guest at Tesco's Beautifully Balanced Frozen Range launch

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