Old School Bakery in Hong Kong, Ming Wah 明華餅家

Helloooo guys! After spending most of July in Hong Kong and of course chomping non-stop, I've got a ton of Hong Kong related posts waiting to be written up.

I had such an amazing time whilst in Hong Kong and when the time came to leave, I felt so sad. It's taken well over a week for my brain and heart to re-route back to UK life but I'm finally back into the swing of things here at home.
Hong Kong these days are quite different to the times I spent there in my early 20's. Back then, my friends and I often flew to Hong Kong together for the summer holidays and then it would be an onslaught of karaoke sessions, club and bar nights, meeting loads of new people, full days of shopping especially in the outdoor markets and just hanging out at the cinema or doing all the touristy stuff.

Fast forward a decade, and I go back to Hong Kong to spend quality family time, quick dinners with good friends and shopping is crammed into an hour here and there. What hasn't changed throughout the years though, is the crazy amount of food and calories I clock up and the hunt for a hint of nostalgic Hong Kong. The old in Hong Kong is quickly disappearing to the new, and each time I'm back, seeking out old buildings, old neighbourhoods and old style eateries thrill me to bits.

Ming Wah bakery 明華餅家 is the perfect example of nostalgic Hong Kong in the form of an old school bakery. Old and traditional Hong Kong bakeries are getting rarer thanks to modern chain bakeries like Taipan and Bread Talk. The price difference between an old bakery and a modern one is quite stark too, modern bakeries charge 3 or 4 times more!!

As I walked past Ming Wah, I coudn't help but to buy a few things even though I'd already eaten a big lunch! I ended up picking 3 things, all of which came to $9.5 (about 80p!!). Break Talk easily charges $12 for one item, so you can see how hard it must be for these old bakeries to make a good margin

 The decor just oozes charm from the decades. 

The boss man vest top says it all too!!! Don't be put off by it, it's all a part of the experience!

This one really excited me! Gong So Beng is a really old time bun from at least the 1960's and it was a main meal for many a poor Hong Konger. This freshly made gong so beng was a first for me, I've only had the packaged ones before, the taste and texture was hugely different, so much better! It's crumbly and soft and I just love the milky taste. Highly recommend you try one of these if you stop by Ming Wah. 

Loved by all Hong Kongers, a pineapple bun or Bor Lor Bao. The crackling resembles a pineapple, but it doesn't actually have any in it! The bun was so soft and fluffy with a perfectly sweet crumbly top.

A Siw Beng. Literally means grilled biscuit. Filled with red bean and wrapped in a glutinous mochi pastry, they are insanely good when hot off the pan! These siw bengs are only ever available in old style bakeries, I'll be suprised if you find this in a modern bakery.

And just to re-cap, all 3 cost me $9.5 (that's sterling 80p!!)! I don't believe it's possible to walk away with only 1 item if you're visiting Ming Wah, I could have easily bought every single item for sale. 

Ming Wah 明華餅家
1-3D Yin Cheong Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong


  1. I LOVE pineapple buns, but i've never tried the other treats you had here. I'm going to have to go and give them a try :) I completely agree the old bakeries are so much better value, the things they bake seem to have more tastes than the things from the chains too. Its great to have these tips from someone who knows what they're talking about, so next time I know what to get!

    Jennie xx

    1. Oh Jennie, I'm so glad you like this post! I'm going to do another post on these old style bakeries and list the different buns and cakes =)

      If you do try a Gong So Beng, they remind me of baby rusks!! but a softer version haha

  2. Dude u definitely bought all my favourites! I really miss the food from Hong Kong *sobs*

    1. Thanks for stopping by! All my favourites too =D

  3. Dude u definitely bought all my favourites! I really miss the food from Hong Kong *sobs*

  4. Pineapple bun in Cantonese is bolo bao and not bor lor...there is no r...


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