Traditional Afternoon Tea Class, Cookery School

Where in the heart of London can you learn to make your own afternoon tea? Cookery School* in Little Portland Street does just that.

It's just around the corner from Oxford Circus and they offer all sorts of cookery classes, from learning how to make traditional Afternoon Tea to cooking seafood and baking bread. You also get to take home a mini folder with all the recipes.

Together with my friend Mandy, who'd invited me to go with her, we learnt how to make afternoon tea in 3 hours, with time to eat all that we make!

Mirrors above the cooking station so even if you're at the back of the class, you won't miss the action. Or you could use it for selfies! 

The class set up was a little unusual in that it was a team effort (there were around 10 of us in the class) to put everything together. I was expecting that we would have our own stations to prep from scratch, but with limited time and space, it wouldn't have worked.

Our teacher demonstrated on how to make the sponge, the mini buns, the scones and anything that needed baking. The cutting, chopping, making, assembling, cooking and stirring was left to us.

First up was the Devonshire cream cake:

Rhubarb jam for the scones and lemon curd for the tartlets:

Sandwich filling making and sandwich assembly:

Quails egg Scotch eggs with chicken mince:

Cheese and chive scones and plain scones:

Finger rolls and tartlets:

And finally with all the hard work done, it's time to sit down and enjoy!

My favourites were the Scotch eggs, both the sweet and savoury scones, the crabmeat sandwiches and the buttery egg mayo finger rolls!

I will be sharing some of the recipes once I attempt to make them myself.

*I was invited by Cookery School as a guest. All opinions are honest, my own and unbiased in any way. 


  1. I have been to loads of afternoon teas but have never made my own, this is such a great idea and looks like you had so much fun.

    1. Me too, this was the first time I made everything from scratch for afternoon tea! It's fun thing to do with a friend/mum/sis! Thanks for stopping by Emma.

  2. Are you willing to share these recipes? Thanks

    1. Ah, I'm really sorry but I have no idea what I've done with the recipe cards. If I find them, I will def share!


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