Gü Pudding Paradise

On a foodie evening out with fellow bloggers Charlie and Etta, we ended up at for desserts after dinner. 

The pop up Gü shop round the back of soho was opened for 2 days only, to launch and spread the word of their new individual serve pots rather than the twin packs we are used to. Thanks to Charlie who did this bit of detective work and insisted we should come here for desserts! 

The staff explained to us that we could choose a dessert and a paradise island to visit for #dessertisland and I was not sure what to expect. How were they going to transport me to Bali?! 

The menu looks legit...

And Gü puddings are stacked all around the shop

I was up first and asked to follow the staff to an underground room....

And there was my seat to #dessertisland! Ok, now I geddit!! The greenery and rattan chairs certainly made it feel beach like... shame there wasn't a bit of sand too haha.

I'm transported to Bali via the curved screen that takes up half the room. It was pretty amusing to eat dessert alone whilst enjoying my 'Bali' paradise view! The millionaire shortbread was rich with salty caramel hits and the gold leaf made it so exquisite.

Gü were very generous and gave us a box to take home and enjoy, thank you Gü!

My absolute favourite was the hot chocolate soufflè. Cakey on the top, with a hot melty chocolate inside that flowed out like lava. So good.

#dessertisland is now closed but you can pick up all Gü desserts from most supermarkets. 

Do you have a favourite Gu pudding?


  1. Great post!

  2. This is looks so far Lucy, shame it's only on for 2 days! GU is my guilty pleasure dessert, my fav is their chocolate soufflé too!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. We were lucky to stumbled on it. I've never really indulged on Gü and was clearly missing out!


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