Spending Ban | February Edit

February seems long gone but I am sticking to the spending ban I implemented back in January.  

There were a few temptations in February and I no longer see it as a spending ban, but more of a resist-unless-necessary plan!  

Besides the usual travel, food, grocery shopping and bills, here's a few things I splashed the cash on. 

~ General eating out outgoings were not too bad, I over spent on a few of the occasions, but the majority is in green and within budget. I am really liking this way of documenting my spending, it certainly reigns in the random snack buying and makes me think twice about just heading out for lunch.

Snack £10/wk Dine out £20/wk Lunch £10/wk
Wk 1 £6.73 £23.06 £2.35
Wk 2 £9.79 £0.00 £9.05
Wk 3 £12.79 £11.63 £4.23
Wk 4 £14.20 £0.00 £3.19

~ I spent £15.00 on Glamglow thirsty mud. My friend Mandy was going to America and picked up the Glamglow for a fraction of the price so I couldn't resist, especially since my skin has been so dry thanks to the UK winter. 

~ 97p spent on dry shampoo. I used my Superdrug beauty points to knock off £1 and this is a replacement buy.  

~ £53.96 on shoe repair and necessary undergarments. Shoe repair instead of splashing out on new shoes saved me a few ££.

~£70.51 on presents. Birthdays, nephews and nieces are expensive but I never feel right scrimping on this.

So this is it for February. 

Are any you of you guys still on a spending ban or is it just me?! 

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