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When the postman bought this box to my door a few Saturdays ago, I almost yelped in excitement. A massive box of Propercorn in delightful packaging - what a great start to a Saturday morning!

I am a massive fan of Propercorn* and came across them a few years ago in Waitrose. The packaging is so fun and eye-catching and certainly caught my attention amidst all the other snacks in the aisle. I would literally swoop about 6 packs into my basket and be happily snacking on them for the next few days.  

The flavour creations are just sensational and so different to other snacks on offer. Over the years, they have added more flavours, and I love one of the the newest additions; Sweet coconut & vanilla. The sweetness is subtle, but sweet enough to satisfy my sugar cravings and the perfume of coconut and vanilla is so luscious.

The sweet & salty is delightful, I wasn't sure I would like it, but it turns out they are way addictive.

Fiery Worcester sauce & sun-dried tomato is the first Propercorn flavour I tried and is still one of my go to snacks. It makes my tongue tingle!

The sour cream & black pepper is subtle in taste and hits all the savoury spots.

The popcorn is gently popped, so the texture isn't hard and I love the buttery taste it leaves behind. Yummeh. 

All the flavours range from just 88 - 129 cals per pack, a great low fat snacking alternative to crisps and biscuits, since they make sweet and savoury ones. Sweet ginger & orange is the newest to be added to the Propercorn line, and I can't wait for more and more flavours to be added. 

Here's the interesting background of Propercorn:

Cassandra Stavrou, the founder of Propercorn launched the snacks in 2011 when she realised there was a gap in the market for healthy snacks that didn't compromise on taste. Cassandra wanted to develop something that tasted delicious and satisfying, looked aspirational and stylish yet also happen to offer health benefits and be low in calories.

Popcorn has always held a nostalgic place for her as she grew up experimenting different flavours with her father as a child. One of the last presents her father bought her before passing away when she was 16 was a vintage popcorn machine. She developed all the recipes at home and designed the packaging herself and created a brand that stood for doing things PROPERLY. 

Have any of you tried Propercorn and what is your favourite flavour?

*I was lucky enough to be sent this by Propercorn. All opinions are my own.         


  1. I love the box packaging and the colours of each of the packs! Can't wait to try them worcester sauce / tomato sounds really good! Cant believe its only 109 calories!!!!

    1. Yes the packaging is just so attractive! Enjoy! x

  2. I love Propercorn's Sweet and Salty - definitely my favourite popcorn snack xx

    Ioanna |

    1. Hi Ioanna! The sweet and salty is so addictive! I was quite suprised by it

  3. The packaging is really cute and the flavors are so appealing - sweet coconut & vanilla and sour cream & black peppercorn sound perfect :) I'm always drawn to snacks that have interesting or unusual combos/flavors, makes it a lot more fun trying them out. I like how you photographed everything here. Wish I could have a taste of these now!

    1. Me too, I love trying unusual flavour combos! I knew you would like the sound of the coconut and vanilla :) Do they sell these where you are?
      Thanks Kie, the tray is a new prop, and I'm starting to use my floor as a backdrop more x


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