Hong Kong in 4 Days | Day 1

Hong Kong is such a wonderful city, and whilst I might be biased since it is my second home, I honestly believe those who visit for the first time will want to come back again, and this is certainly true amongst my friends after their first visit. A city full of amazing food, shopping and a rich culture that is uniquely Hong Kong’s. 

Now, I love playing host even if I may not be in the city physically. This usually being in the form of word docs and emails, but there is now an even better way to document it and especially so as a colleague will be travelling to HK this week.

A 3-5 days stay in HK tend to be the average length for most visitors and I hope the following itinerary shows off the best there is to offer in this vibrant metropolitan city, and what I would deem as a must do for first time visitors.

This post will be split into 4 separate posts, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 for easier reading.

Day 1

11am: Catch the MTR to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit J for the Avenue Of Stars and walk along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and towards The Clocktower for a great day view of Victoria Harbour. 

[Bruce Lee at the Avenue of Stars]

[HK's Victoria Harbour. Taken on an unfortunately mistly day]

12pm: Take the Star Ferry from TST across to Central, the star ferry only costs HK$2-3.5, and is a great way to experience the waters of HK harbour. Once at Central, look out for the Mid-Levels Escalators (the world’s longest outdoor escalator) and browse the fascinating areas surrounding it. Central is a great cross between Western styles and traditional HK, and good food is plentiful in this area.

[The pier on Central Star after alighting the Star Ferry from TST]

 [Surrounding areas of Mid-Levels Escalators in Central]

3.00pm: Go up to The Peak, via the Peak Tram. Aim for 4pm for a great day view, and stay on until around 6pm for the magnificent night view of HK.

 [As the day unfolded into nightfall]

 [The magnificent night view from The Peak, one of the finest views in the World! The laser show had just started in this photo]

6.30pm: Head back to TST for dinner either via the Star Ferry or MTR, and catch the daily 8pm Laser & Music Show of Victoria Harbour along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

[Looking at Victoria Harbour from Kowloon side]

8.30pm: Late night shopping around the TST area. Shops stay open til around 10-11pm, and a quick street food snack or visit to 7eleven completes the night. Or perhaps a visit to the bar in the higher level shopping centres for a drink with a view.
[Day view from the Cocky Bar at The One which is now permanently closed, unfortunately!]

Stay tuned for Day 2.

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