L'Ilot | Paris

Seafood platters really do remind me of being on holiday and being away from the every day hustle and bustle. Hunting one down for one our meals was top of my list on things to do for Paris. 

L'Ilot was recommended on Timeout and the 'budget' price tag made it an attractive option. L'Ilot seemed like a very local and casual hangout, the type of place you would go with friends after a long day at work. We arrived earlish, around 6.30pm and it was lucky we did, as it filled up pretty quickly. 

We ordered our seafood platter, a side of marinaded anchovies and brown shrimps to share - we were not disappointed. The seafood was fresh and we enjoyed all of it.

Here it comes! Oysters were fresh, briny and creamy, and the whelks were full of bounce. The crab had a good amount of flesh and filled with plenty of roe. Langoustines & prawn were plump. 

The marinaded anchovies were very good, not too salty and still had a good bite from being lightly marinaded whilst fresh. Brown shrimps were so so, lots of shells to chow down on...! 

This meal for two also included a bottle of wine and cost us 88. Bargain! 

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