Thai Style Chicken Wings

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to make wings. The pungent fish sauce taste teamed with a sweet tanginess, giving way to a little heat. 

My friend Burger Law introduced me to this recipe, and I have made it countless times now. By using fish sauce instead of salt, syrup instead of sugar & lime juice instead of vinegar, you get a really good depth of flavour. The wings taste even better if you have the time to let it marinade overnight, as the flavours really do mingle together. This sauce is also great with fish - don't you just love interchangeable recipes?  

This is the last of the recipes I am sharing from the Easter Chicken Wing Party, 9 in total. The 10th style of wings I made with bonito, seaweed and butter didn't really wow, so I am excluding it. The chicken wing party was so much fun and until I host another one with another 10 new flavours, here's the recipe for the last in this series.

10 chicken wings
5 tbsp fish sauce
2 ½ tbsp golden syrup or honey
1 tsp red chillies, chopped
1 tsp garlic, minced
Juice of half a lime

1. Combine all of the above with the wings and let it marinade like this for around 30 minutes minimum, preferably overnight
2. Set the oven to the highest setting, transfer wings to a roasting tray and cover with foil. Roast for 20 mins, then uncover foil, turn the chicken over and roast for a further 10 mins or until cooked through

*Covering with foil initially stops anything with sugar in, burning from the high heat 



  1. Sounds easy, I shall give it a go =) Thanks!

    1. It's super easy and so tasty too! Hope you enjoy it! :)


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