February 27, 2015

Applebee's Cajun Fish and Prawn Wrap | Borough Market London Bridge

My love affair with Cajun goes back to my mid teens. Cajun chicken breast with a jacket potato and salad at the pub I worked in, earning a few pennies between my studies. It was probably fair to say a chunk of my wages went on lunch at the pub...

Cajun fish was new to me but I knew it would be good. The lunch time stall at AppleBees in Borough Market serve 2 things: garlic prawn wrap, and Cajun fish and prawn wrap. 

Leftover scraps cuts of fish from the main restaurant are saved and turned into tasty Cajun wraps with prawns for the lunch time trade. What a great business idea, since nothing is wasted from the main restaurant, and with such high turnover you don't have to worry about the fish not being fresh. The boss man said it could be any cut of fish from tuna to salmon to haddock. Sometimes there are over 10 types of fish in the mix!

The generous fill of fish and prawns are super fresh, and so succulent from being just cooked. The Cajun seasoning is perfect. Lovely balance of salt, hint of sugar and the savoury smoky spices that make it uniquely Cajun. The wrap is served warm with a squirt of mayo, Thai sweet chilli, and some lettuce. I didn't think it needed the sweet chilli but it didn't ruin the wrap either. 

If you love Cajun, this mustn't be missed. Be quick though as the lunch queues for Applebee's are crazy. 


  1. Yum! I have such a prawn addiction, they are so good. I need to get to Borough more, I feel like I haven't been in forever! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hey Jasmin! Borough market is so good especially if you go once in a while :) x

  2. What a delicious day!


    1. Thank you Rachel! Delicious day... I like that!

  3. Love Borough Market! That looks amazing!!



    My Closet Life Blog

    1. Thanks Kaley, this wrap is delicious, gotta try it when you come here next time :)


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