Hello London! A day of eating out again

Hello London! I finally, finally had a day of eating out again in London and I am unbelievably happy and content right now. It has been more than a year since I took a train out to London and what was quite a normal part of my life had become something that felt scary and foreign. This pandemic has changed and affected all of us in some way and to live with a bit of normality now feels rather strange.

Oh and hello friends! I haven't blogged since July last year, more than 9 months ago! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in January. He is a big part of the reason why I've not found the time or energy to blog, but I've missed this space very much.

So back to eating out in London, I had a huge list of places I wanted to eat at once lockdown had lifted and that was my mission today. I met up with a couple of friends, and we had a great morning wandering through Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Soho, picking up goodies along the way and finally settling on dim sum for lunch. Oh how I have missed dim sum, along with every other Asian person I know!

Japan Centre had lots of snacks on offer/promo prices and I managed to buy some lovely fresh salmon belly and tuna offcuts for the freezer. 

Next up was oolong milk tea from Yi Fang. They forgot to add my 50% sugar to my order which ruined it for me but at least it was healthy and still very refreshing. 

I'd seen so many posts on Instagram for Taiwanese taro ball desserts at Meet Fresh, so we grabbed a takeaway dessert of Q mochi's and their signature taro ball combo dessert. Unfortunately, they were very much overhyped with watery red bean soup base and the taro fragrance was non existent. The textures were very good but both desserts coming in at just under £15 was far too steep for mediocre food. 

We were all so happy to eat dim sum again and we ordered SO much food. Golden Dragon had outdoor seating and whilst I felt a bit cheated on their tiny portions and cheeky barely-there fillings, being able to order and eat dim sum was just such a treat.  

Good friend fried chicken Ji Chicken does the best Taiwanese fried chicken for the cheapest price in Central London. A big piece of juicy chicken breast is just £7. I recommend getting the seaweed powder, plum powder, salt and pepper as the seasoning.

Yolkin have started offering macarons and not just macaron ice cream sandwiches, so it meant I could take some home to share with Isaac. Both the hazelnut chocolate and passionfruit were delicious.

Chinese bakery haul from Golden Gate Bakery who bake superior Chinese buns. 

Houjicha basque cheesecake from Tsujiri was intensely rich in tea flavour which I absolutely loved. 

And a snack haul from Japan Centre and Chinatown to end my perfect day out in London. 

Until next time dear London.  

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