Easy 15 Minute Teriyaki Salmon

Yup, you read that right. This easy 15 minute teriyaki salmon takes no time at all to make and you don't need many condiments either. I usually cook 4 fillets at the same time and whilst that's cooking away, I'll have another pan for the veggies. My rice cooker is always on way before I start cooking so rice is ready around the same time that the salmon and vegetables has finished cooking.

If you don’t have mirin at home, just use equal parts of soya sauce to sugar, and if you don't fancy rice, noodles are great with this teriyaki salmon too.

I leave the skin on to save prepping time, but if you're going to eat the skin, make sure you de-scale it first. Or, you could cook it with unscaled skin then discard it once cooked.


4 salmon fillets
2 tbsp soya sauce
2 tbsp mirin
1 tsp sugar 

1) Put soya sauce, mirin and sugar in a bowl, mix well and set aside 
2) Descale the salmon fillets, or skin the fillets and then in a hot pan, drizzle some oil in and put salmon skin side down. Let it sizzle on high heat for 2 minutes 
3) Turn the salmon over onto the other side and lower the heat to medium. Let it fry for 3 mins and then pour in the soya sauce mix. Let the sauce bubble and turn into a glaze, roughly 2 mins, then turn off heat
4) Tuck in with steamed rice and veggies

Will you be giving this Easy 15 Minute Teriyaki Salmon a try?

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