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I really miss Hong Kong.

I'd already booked our flights to Hong Kong for our annual family trip but as the COVID-19 situation got progressively worse, I knew our trip in April would have to be cancelled indefinitely. Instead of focusing on what we can't do, I'm looking back on our pass trips and reliving the good times.

Last year in April 2019, we headed across to Kennedy Town on Hong Kong Island side to try out Sheung Hei, a famous claypot rice restaurant. I crave to eat in these typical loud and brass local restaurants, where you may need to fight the crowds to bag yourself a table, because you know the food is bound to be good. But since having a baby, these restaurants are just not all that practical and can be stressful.

However, with Isaac being older and able to walk well, and being able to stay up later at the grand old age of 2 years and three quarters, we went full steam ahead.

Luckily, we were able to prebook a table by calling ahead, but that didn't stop the huge crowds that had gathered by 6pm, before the restaurant was even open! Those who had pre-booked still needed to queue but to the right of the restaurant on a shorter queue, instead of on the left for walk-ins that queued past the supermarket right next door.

The menu was huge and I wanted to order everything! We finally settled on some dishes for our table of 3 adults and a toddler.

Dim sum BBQ pork buns for Isaac as he was getting hungry and the food took a long while. Turns out it ended up arriving at the same time as the other food anyway. Sheung Hei are open for dimsum from 6am, which it is also popular for.

Salt and pepper deep fried tofu puffs. A great classic to start off with.

The claypot rice was glorious. Crispy bottom and topped with all my favourite things. Spare ribs with blackbeans, preserved pork belly and preserved sausages. The menu says the claypot rice are cooked on real coals, no wonder it tastes so good.   

This is the 'doot doot' chicken claypot, another famous dish for this restaurant. The chicken is so silky and coated in a delicious thick sauce with ginger, spring onion, mushrooms, onion and liver pieces.

Can't beat a classic sweet and sour pork ribs Hong Kong style.

A nostalgic food for me, tinned fried fish in blackbean sauce, stir fried with 'yau mak choi', a type of lettuce. 

We all enjoyed our meal here so so much, and with the hugely extensive menu, I'd have to eat here meal after meal to get through all the dishes I want to try. Whilst that's not possible, the next time we are back in Hong Kong - when the world is safe again, I'll definitely be back for more. 

G/F, 25 North Street
Kennedy Town 
Western District
Hong Kong

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