DIY Sweeties Jar For Gifting

Happy new year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years, I had a wonderful time and spent a week in lovely Yorkshire visiting close friends and it made such a nice change from London.

Just before Christmas and much to my delight, I got a huge box through the door filled with sweets with lots of cool memorabilia. The classic retro sweeties I grew up with are still going strong and apparently 'kidulting' is a thing! I certainly haven't grown out of eating sweets but being mindful about not over indulging over the festive break, I had to share the happiness so I made up some cute DIY sweeties jars for gifting to friends.

I picked up these cute little jars from Ikea and filled them with a mix of all the sweets. It gave them an instant wow factor, whilst not spending a lot at all. You can tie them with ribbons, add a tag or a sticker for a personalised touch too. I always have a few of these new jars on hand, ready to fill with all sorts of DIY items.

These old classic retro sweets have taken on a new twist in the form of Wham softies and Strawberry Sherbet Fountains (instead of liquorice), as well as introducing the new vegan-friendly Frulo which also happens to be lower in sugar.

Wham softies with a with a sour sugar coating. These were sour enough to make my face go pucker. G really enjoyed them whilst I prefer the original bar.

G said these were his favourite sweets growing up, he loves anything liquorice. The strawberry sherbet is a new alternative for those who aren't keen on liquorice.

These were hands down our absolute favourites! Our household loved them. The cherry flavour is tangy, whilst the peach and pineapple was fruity and sweet. The sweetness level is just perfect, sweet but not too sweet, and they are suitable for vegans. G always prefers the tangy sweets, whereas I prefer regular sweet gummies. As for Isaac, he is not fussed either way as long as he gets sweets! We will definitely be restocking these as we see them.

Thank you Barratt sweets!

Will you be trying this DIY gifting idea?

*These items were gifted to me. All opinions are my own and unbiased

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