Happy Halloween 2019

This is the first year that Isaac is old enough to understand the concept of Halloween and it was the first time I took him trick or treating! Halloween was never a big deal for me as a kid but now that I have my own child, I can't love this holiday more and have so much fun making an occasion out of it. I blogged about his first halloween when he was a wee 3 months old and now he's 3!

My console table in the living room is the main decorative area in our house that I use for all occasions and festivities throughout the year, and I picked up some really great bits from Poundland including the awesome gravestone which is made out of foam.

We were sent a lovely crafting bag by Viking* since I couldn't make it to their #SpooktacularCrafts Halloween event. It came at the perfect time when Isaac had a week off from nursery for half term. There were lots of felt tip colour pens, cards and paper, halloween stencils, glitter, string, face mask, and a pumpkin carving kit all contained in the cute yellow Halloween bag.

It was so nice to sit down and just enjoy some crafting with Isaac. Later on in the week, we picked up a pumpkin for which he could not wait to do some carving.

On actual Halloween day, Isaac dressed up as a mummy and we went to a friend's house for a mini halloween party and then straight out into trick or treating (on a school night too!). He had the most incredible time getting sweeties, looking at all the different halloween outfits and pumpkins in peoples front yard and best of all, he got to shout BOO all night long!

Hope you all had a lovely halloween! 

*Craft bag gifted to me, all opinions are my own and non biased

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