Bali Day 3 - Pool Day + Sunset On Jimbaran Beach

Day 3 in Bali is a chilled out affair with no plans except to hang out by the pool, go to the beach and to eat and sleep. A proper holiday kind of day.

We start the day with our usual lazy breakfast and this morning I've noticed some exotic fruit that I hadn't before. This cone shaped one is the snake fruit which is local to Indonesia. The skin is very alike to snake skin hence its name. There's a real pongy whiff to the firm yellow flesh inside and I can't say I wanted more of that... no thank you.

The Indonesian passion fruit, the reddish-orange one on the bottom left, is the opposite and so delightful. The seeds and flesh inside is the same as the passion fruits we get in the UK but the flavour is much more mellow and sweeter without the tanginess. You can give me 10 more of those thanks!

The mini banana is what we call milk bananas in Hong Kong and I love them. The flesh is firmer in texture with a tangy banana flavour.

Have gotten very used to pancake and waffles with bacon and maple syrup for breakfast every single morning, and a huge platter of fruit to finish. Isaac was eating a good 4-5 slices of watermelon every morning and still wanted more unless he was stopped. He's definitely my child as we both fought to eat the last piece every day haha.

We've got a little time to wander around the hotel and the kids had a nice time looking at the goldfish pond in the reception area and in this air conditioned playroom. It was basic but had enough to amuse them for 30 minutes.

Time to get changed and hit the pool.

I've taken this lovely book by Erin with me to Bali but it turns out it's almost impossible to read with a child in tow! Japonisme is a beautifully illustrated book packed with so much wisdom and insight into the Japanese way of life, I highly recommend it if you are a fan of all things Japanese. 

Geoff and I take turns getting a massage and we have a great lazy poolside lunch. I can't get enough of that crazy pink dragon fruit smoothie, made even better coupled with sweet mango. 

After the kids (and adults of course) have woken up from the afternoon nap, we all head down to the famous Jimbaran beach, which we've not had a chance to explore by day yet. We pass this street vendor selling corn and peanuts but sadly have no stomach room for it.

Jimbaran stretches on for miles. The sand is golden and fine, and it feels great to have sand in-between the toes. Isaac is excited to finally be able to play with the sand freely and barely moves from that same spot for ages. We don't have long left of the sun as it's already 5pm, but it's actually perfect timing as the sun isn't blazing hot.

I loved body boarding having tried it for the first time earlier on in the year in Vietnam and drag the adults to all do it with me. Sunset body boarding was a first and we had a great time! The waves were not strong enough for it to be really exciting, but it's fun all the same. 

Now, you can't come to Jimbaran beach and not wait for the sunset, Jimbaran beach is famous for just that! It absolutely didn't disappoint and the view was truly breathtaking. The photos really don't do it any justice. In real life, the sun was a vivid shade of orange-red and just magnificent. It descended quite fast and with a 'plop' it fell into the ocean. There's a Chinese saying that a setting sun resembles a salted egg yolk, a 'ham daan wong' and it was exactly that.  

We ended the day by having seafood at one of the randomly picked seafood restaurants along the stretch of the beach. The seafood was terrible so I didn't even bother to take photos. I felt like a ripped off tourist, but at least the meal was cheap and didn't cost more that £10 per head.

Souvenir shopping on the walk back home to our hotel and couldn't resist a snap of these interesting bottle openers. You bet I was giggling like a teen!

Thank you Bali for another wonderful day. You can find the rest of my Bali posts here.

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