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Toy rotation is so important to keep things fresh and interesting without the need to keep buying new toys - a brilliant handy tip passed onto me from my friend Mandy, who always has so much great advice on all things baby/toddler related.

Every 1-2 weeks, I'll hide away half of Isaac's toys and store them in the loft and reintroduce other toys he's forgotten about. Some toys which I know he isn't bothered by may sit in the loft for a couple of months before it makes a reappearance, and some he will have outgrown which then gets put into another pile ready to sell on or store for maybe baby no2.  

It might seem like a real faff to keep changing the toys around but honestly, there's less toys to tidy away at the end of the day; Isaac has been known to empty every toy onto the floor for one big party... and he is always very happy to be reunited with toys he's not seen in a while. 

Aside from his usual love for trains, cars and duplo lego which he can play with all day long and not get bored, I do try and encourage him to give other toys a go too. Isaac's been working through some new toys that were sent to us, and of course these are added to the toy rotation. 

Hape Checkout Register

Isaac was pretty happy to play with the Hape Checkout Register and had a great time taking all the money out and strewing it everywhere! He has seen me paying for things, so he loves to come up to me and give me the money for "shopping". It's a really well made toy and very realistic with the notes, coins, card machine and scanner, as well as being colourful and engaging with the press down buttons and counter beads at the top. I'd be happy to buy this checkout for presents for friends and family.

At the moment, he doesn't really know how to play with it yet, so this will be a toy that will grow with him and last for quite a few years when he learns to count money and play shop keeper. 

Strictly Briks 

I didn't realise there were other building bricks you can buy aside from the one leading brand, but I didn't hesitate to grab these Strickly Briks, since Isaac loves building things. He gave them a really good go, but it is however, too complex for him at just over 2 years old so this will be going in the loft for now and brought back down when he can appreciate it more.

G had a go and found it interesting as you can build up the bricks as well as side to side; the creativity is endless. It's great that the large square sides can be taken apart to build your creation on and then made back into a cube to store all the individual pieces - neat idea. 

Toddle Bike

The Toddle Bike is a first or pre-balance bike for toddlers. It is designed to give wee toddlers from the ages of around 18 months to get used to sitting on an independent bike and eventually helping them work up towards the big bikes or scooters.

Isaac didn't start walking until 16 months so he definitely wasn't ready for the toddle bike at 18 months. At around 2 years old, he finally showed some interest and rode it up and down the lounge and garden, but he didn't love it. In comparison, he much prefers his trike and getting pushed around in it. His little friends have really enjoyed riding the Toddle Bike when they've come round, so it was a shame Isaac didn't enjoy it in the same way. Still, it's good to mix the bikes up now and then and one of the best features about the Toddle Bike is just how lightweight it is, making it pretty good to carry to the park and out and about. 

What do you guys think of toy rotation and do you do it too?

*All 3 items were gifted, opinions are my own and unbiased

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