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We took off to the beautiful countryside of Tuscany in Italy back in June for a dear friend's wedding and it was hands on heart, one of the most beautiful, moving and best weddings I have ever been too.

As guests, we were so well looked after and catered for, and to be surrounded by so much love was just damn right amazing. We arrived a quite a few days before the wedding, so we could settle in and enjoy everything Tuscany had to offer.

Dievole was the chosen wedding venue, from the luscious greenery and striking trees to the romantic grounds, it was already stunning on its own as we saw it on the Friday evening for a relaxed pool + pizza party thrown by the bride and groom to be. On the very next day, the day of the wedding, it was transformed into a truly breathtaking scene of flowers and flowing silk adorned with red pops of Chinese wedding decors.

The wedding morning started off with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and door games. The groom and his groomsmen must go through a series of (evil!) challenges set by the bridesmaids and bribe his way to the bride, who awaits in the bedroom until the bridesmaids are satisfied!

Once the groom has collected his bride, it's then time for the tea ceremony. The bride and groom offer their parents a cup of sweet Chinese tea, and by drinking it, it means acceptance and blessings from the elders for their marriage.

The Chinese wedding decorations really add to the excitement and rowdy pleasure of of the traditional door games and tea ceremony. Everyone involved had so many belly laughs!     

The wedding ceremony didn't start until late afternoon, and on arrival we had some welcome drinks and had fun taking a few polaroids. I love the pretty flower decorations teamed with the wooden signage and modern calligraphy.

Here comes the stunning bride and her groom! When she walked down the aisle, she blew me away, doesn't she look exquisite? The ceremony was wonderful and highly charged with emotions, I was a blubbering mess and embarrassingly got captured on video and camera!

Isaac looked so adorable in this mismatched wedding outfit.

The alfresco wedding breakfast really set the scene for romance. I couldn't stop gushing at all the little wedding details, I was right in my element! I haven't really shared this on my blog yet, but I now run an online wedding business with my best friend so these wedding decors really got me.

Many of the guests had children and babies, the youngest guest was only a mere few weeks old! The newly weds were so kind and thoughtful to have arranged a playroom for the kids, an early dinner so that they were well fed and happy, a bespoke activity bag for each child on the main dining tables and even went as far as to book babysitters for the evening! I was honestly beyond gratefulness and love for them, it made such a big difference on our wedding experience as parents with an active toddler.

The food was authentic, hearty and delicate and there was so much of it! The drinks were free flowing and I am just a teeny bit sad that I couldn't really enjoy all the wines (parenting and alcohol don't mix for me!) since all the other guests said they were delicious.

As we were enjoying Emma + Gavin's wedding, I had no idea how much of a storm it was creating on Instagram until a friend tagged me, who had recognised it as the same wedding I'd been sharing on my Instagram stories. What a funny old world we are in!

Don't miss out on what we did the week before the wedding in Tuscany

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