Good Friend Crispy Fried Taiwanese Chicken | Chinatown London

OK, so this Taiwanese fried chicken joint is just a tiny blink-and-you'll-miss-it shop just off main Chinatown but I couldn't not share it with you guys. The menu is quick and simple, either take out or sit on the limited bar stools by the window. 

Just like the real Taiwanese fried chicken stalls like Hot Star chicken in Taiwan, Good Friend does such an authentic one that it instantly transported me back onto the streets of Taiwan.

The fried chicken is coated in a layer of sweet potato flour which gives it that unique crispy yet chewy and toothsome texture, and you also get to pick your choice of flavouring that is sprinkled on top as it comes out of the fryer. 

The large chicken breast is flattened out before frying, so it's pretty hefty in size and is definitely a signature order. I also love the bitesize popcorn chicken served with skewer sticks to be used like chopsticks! There's a range of flavouring in powder form, from chilli powder, to plum, pepper, garlic, cheese, and even Thai spice. 

I always grab a takeout when I walk past, it's the perfect in between meal snack.

Good Friend
14 Little Newport Street

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