Unlimited £30 Brunch at Devonshire Club

After hearing about the unlimited £30 brunch at Devonshire Club on a Sundays from my foodie friend, I knew I had to visit at some point.

Sadly, the restaurant manager informed us that we had the last seating that weekend for this brunch as they were planning on rolling out a new a la carte menu instead. It's a real shame as I was planning on coming back for Father's Day with G, £30 is just too good value for the good food we smashed through.

For £30 per person (not including drinks and service), it's help yourself to a range of salads, oysters and prawns, charcuterie, the eggs station and a list of hot dishes ordered directly from the menu. There's no restrictions on what you want to order and that's pretty generous for a restaurant that allows you to pick from a menu and cook it fresh.

I'm a huge fan of unlimited brunches and definitely like to go in with an empty belly and roll out afterwards, with dinner that same evening being very unlikely. It's a good thing that I only go to these types of brunches on special occasions since I have no self control when faced with the word 'unlimited'.

Best of all, it was a brunch date with my mummy friends and without the kids! Our other halves were on kids duty whilst we spent a few luxurious hours with only ourselves to think of.

I kick it off with a full plate of salads which were all super tasty, and an eggs benedict. 

Fish goujons with chips and tartare sauce was a delight. The homemade tartare sauce was incredible and the chips were insanely good. They tasted just like freshly cut chips that had been deep fried on demand and not the frozen kind. The fish goujons were mildly crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside. I really liked that they were not super crispy and cooked to the perfect timings to retain the succulence of the fish.

Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and french toast with cinnamon and berries to share. These were average, but I liked that they were on the menu regardless.

I'm digging the prawns and oysters but only wish I had room for more. The woes of an unlimited brunch is that my stomach can only take so much.

Our table was groaning from all the food we'd ordered, all at once! We each got our own salad, eggs, prawns and oysters, but shared all the hot main dishes and desserts. 

Truffled mac and cheese was addictive but too rich to eat more than a few spoonfuls.

It's a Sunday and we must eat Sunday roast. The beef was tender but had too much fat going on, and the gravy was lacklustre which I always find ruins a roast dinner. Trimmings were standard and nothing special and by now, I could barely face up to the veggies from being so stuffed.

A selection of desserts. The strawberry tart and matcha/banana cake were my favourites. The portions were far too big, they would have been perfect had they been more bitesized to avoid wastage. 

I thoroughly enjoyed brunch at Devonshire club and like with all buffets, some dishes were nicer than others. But for £30 and the quality of the food, it's just unbeatable. I went to The Ned for brunch in December last year and for £45 and the crazy amount of people, and mediocre food, I'd choose Devonshire club any day. It really is a shame that they are no longer doing this brunch, I can only hope they will bring it back one day! 
On a comparable level to Devonshire club, Malmaison also do a fantastic unlimited brunch spread for a decent price. Another brunch spot I must revisit. 

The ambiance was lovely for a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant was spacious and bright, overlooking a delightful al fresco area and gardens. It was relatively empty when we arrived at 12pm, and filled up a bit more by the time we left.

Thank you to all these lovely mummies, we had such a great time.

If there are other good unlimited brunch spots I should try, please let me know!

4-5 Devonshire Square

Have you been lucky enough to try the unlimited £30 brunch at Devonshire Club? 


  1. Oh no that's such a shame they're not doing it anymore because it looks delicious and sounds like great value!

    1. It's great right? Hopefully they will bring it back! x


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