How To Get A Great Night's Sleep

We All Need A Good Night's Sleep
Sleeping well has such a big impact on how you feel the very next day but we all know how difficult it can be to get enough zzz's on a daily basis. How well do you sleep every night? I love my sleep and I am a huge believer that a comfortable sleeping environment makes all the difference, so I've partnered up with Bed Guru to share some insights on my own sleeping habits for their campaign #NestGuru.

Bed Guru are sleep specialists and online bed retailer offering large range of mattresses. There's pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam, latex, orthopaedic ones, active sports mattresses and even couples mattresses which are bespoke and split according to the individuals height/weight/sleeping position. Bed Guru understands that no two people share the same sleeping requirements and want to ensure that everyone gets a great nights sleep!

My Sleeping Habits
Back in those carefree and baby-free days, I needed a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep every night before getting up for work, have a snooze on my commute in and then rack up a good 10 hours of solid sleeping at the weekend. And if I was really treating myself, I'd have a 2-3 hour afternoon nap too. 

Being a full time mum to an 18 month old toddler means I no longer have that luxury of sleeping for hours on end. As evenings are my only free time to catch up with life/admin/blogging, bedtime for me nowadays is any time from 2-4am and I'll be woken up around 8-10am, so this means roughly 4-7 hours hours a night. Some days it feels like my brains and eyes hurt from the lack of sleep but my saving grace is joining Isaac for his afternoon naps, which usually lasts for 2-3 hours, and sometimes even 4 hours!

My Mattress
I have tried many mattresses over the years and it's one area I refuse to save money on. This is partly due to chronic back pain which I've had since my teens and in more recent years, shoulder problems from overworking. I've tried very firm spring mattresses, foam memory mattresses, pocket-sprung with a memory foam top layer and I am now firmly back to a good quality memory foam mattress which I absolutely LOVE.

It Makes All The Difference
Whenever I go on holiday, the type of bed and pillow that awaits me is constantly on my mind. Last year, I went on my annual month-long holiday to Hong Kong and I knew I would sleep well at my sister in laws' since she had a newly bought memory foam mattress and a memory foam contour pillow which helps to support my neck and shoulders.

However, when we went to Macau for a long weekend, I just couldn't get comfortable with the hotel mattress which was super bouncy and the pillows were all puffy but flattened like a pancake as my head sunk in. I laid in bed awake for hours before finally drifting off. My body definitely prefers a memory foam mattress and pillow! It's firm enough to support and distribute my weight yet soft enough to feel luxurious, warm and cosy.

And to ensure I sleep really well, I always have a jug of fresh water by the bedside in case I get thirsty in the middle of the night, and in the Winter, I love these cosy jersey bed linen by Muji.

What type of mattress do you have and do you find it affects your sleep? Share your story with #NestGuru!

This is a collaborative post with Bed Guru

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