Breakfast Favourites + The Breakfast Tribes

Breakfast seems to be the most favourite meal of the day for many people and whilst I don't really fall in that camp, I never skip breakfast since I usually wake up ravishing. There are exceptions though, such as weekend brunches when my sister makes her signature pancakes or decides to cook a full English!

According to the local milkman service Milk&More, Brits are divided into 5 Breakfast Tribes. Depending on which part of the country you are from, the differences in breakfast food choices are quite striking. 

The 5 Breakfast Tribes:
1) Protein Packed – Eggs and traditional fry-ups
2) The Quickie – quick-fix foods such as cereal and toast
3) Healthy – fruit salads, juices and smoothies
4) Long-lasting – slow release foods such as oats and porridge
5) On-the-go – bakery items, yoghurt drinks and biscuits

Residents of south-west London are far more likely to have an egg-based breakfast and this part of the country purchases four times more eggs than any other. On the other side of the nation, South Wales is the epicentre of the great British fry-up, with the most number of orders for bacon.

The title for the healthiest region of the U.K. goes to Hertfordshire, with the county’s residents stocking up on fruit and veg, they are assumed to be keen on smoothies and fruit salads.

Those living on the Isle of Wight are the most likely to consume a sensible energy-boosting breakfast. The demand for oats are the highest in this region, with traditional oats twice as popular as the flavoured varieties.

It seems the residents of Kent and Essex lead some of the busiest lives in the country, preferring to purchase on-the-go breakfast items. These regions are the joint top purchasers of bakery goods.

Classic yet quick breakfast options like cereal and toast are especially popular in Kent, as well as in Somerset where the residents also order more milk than any other region. 

What a great insight into how the nation likes to eat the most important meal of the day! I fall into Protein Packed for the weekends and The Quickie/Long Lasting for weekdays. I have to admit I never do the Healthy as it's just not substantial enough for me, and who likes to eat fruits right after they've brushed their teeth anyway? On-the-go is reserved for days out, and prior to being a full time mum, I might have gone with this option 1 or 2 times a week. Can't resist a warm, flaky croissant!  

Breakfast favourites in our households are not for the faint hearted.

Fry ups
The best fry ups must have bacon/sausages, beans and toast! Bonus when you get waffles too.

Pancakes with fresh fruits, whipped cream and maple syrup, pancakes with matcha syrup, pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and delicious savoury pancakes filled with crispy grilled cheese and spring onion.

French Toast
Super easy cheats way French toast, Hong-Kong style. Bread dipped in eggs, pan fried (instead of deep fried like they do it in Hong Kong) and then slathered with butter and golden syrup.

Spam and eggs benedict. I love spam!

Spam and egg sarnie.

Avocado, egg and cheese.

Which Breakfast Tribe Are You?

This is a collaborative post. All opinion are my own and unbiased.

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