My Baby Turned 1!

4th of July and my baby turned 1 years old.

I can't believe how fast the time has flown and my baby is no longer a baby! I got all emotional writing his first birthday card, trying to use words to convey how much I love him. One day he will read all his birthday cards from G and I, and I'm sure he will be suitably embarrassed.

The past year has just been incredible. We look at Isaac in awe every single day and wonder how we could have been so lucky to be blessed with him. From the little newborn that he was with his alert eyes and adorable baby babblings, to the happy, cheeky and clever little boy that he is today, I've loved every moment of it.

It's not every day that your baby turns one and I wanted to savour all these moments to ourselves. No 1st birthday party, just us 3 on a lovely day out to Leeds Castle and a home made cake. His aunty got back from work just in time for cake cutting.

I gave him full reign to do a cake smash but he was completely unsure about touching the cake at all! After some encouraging, he started to delicately poke the cake with a finger and lick the tiniest bit of butter icing, and then breaking out into a shy smile. It was SO cute to watch!

Happy birthday, my darling baby boy xx

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