How To Make a Great Candy Bar

Candy bars are so American but in past few years they have really taken off in the UK, and many of my friends had one at their wedding.

I just love the idea of all types of food bars since they are so pretty to look at and it certainly make an impression for your guests. I've had so much fun building dessert bars for friends baby showers and my own baby shower, but I've yet to make a candy bar.

This year, I'll be celebrating my birthday in June with a garden dinner party and I want to create a small but sweet (pun intended) candy bar. With just a few simple bits, you can easily create your own for your next party and really indulge your guests!

Mismatched glass jars and serve ware are key to the look. Place them in different height orders, and work with placing them in 2-3 rows, staggering it nicely around the table. You can add ribbons, lace, twine, raffia around the jars or leave them plain. Remember to make little place cards to put in front of the jars so your guests know which sweets are what. Ikea do some really great inexpensive glass jars, as do Lovely Wanders.

The most important element of any candy bar is of course the sweets! Choose your favourite sweeties or you could go with a colour theme and stick to sweets within that colour palette. Appleton Sweets is a great online sweet shop that will deliver all your favourite sweets in sweets jars to your door. My favourites sweets are milk bottles, apple bon bons, cola pips and cable marshmallows.

Candy Bar Decors
Either use a plain white table cloth and let the sweets do the talking, or put it directly on the table especially if there's a lovely contrast like rustic wood. Don't use patterned table cloths as this can really distract from the overall aesthetics of the candy bar. Adding fresh flowers freshens up the look of the candy bar but it's not a necessity.

A signage reading 'sweet shop' looks really cute. Use a blackboard and chalk, a photo frame, bunting or cut up text they can be hung above the candy bar.

Bags and Boxes
Your guests are unlikely to be able to eat all the sweets during the party so give them little bags or boxes to take home with them. Little sweetie tongs or wooden scoops are essential.

*This is a collaborative post. All photos taken from Pinterest 

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