Pillowy Roti at Roti King

I'd been working in Euston for a good part of the year without realising that Roti King was right on my doorstep. I'd heard of them many moons ago, but never got round to going so it was just as well that a couple of my colleagues mentioned it.

With the temptation of pillowy rotis and delicious curries, I ended up going twice for lunch in the same month.

The entrance is pretty missable if you're not on the lookout for it. Located on a side street with mysterious steps leading downwards into a basement door is not the most inviting, but once I reach the top of the stairs, the queues are already out of the door with lunchtime customers waiting for a table or takeout.

12pm, and it's a full house already. Do people not need to work or do they just head out for lunch at 11.30am?! The decors are right up my street, I'm a sucker for that rustic industrial look.

The open kitchen right as you walk into the tiny restaurant, is perfect for eyeing up rotis in the making.

On the first visit, I ordered the curry lamb for takeout and on my second visit, dine in with the curry chicken. The star of the show was definitely worth the queues and sharing a table with strangers. 

It's pull-apart flaky and crispy with a fantastic chew and bite to the dough, whilst remaining fluffy and not too greasy. Oh my god. I could have eaten a stack of these. 

Unfortunately, the curries were quite a let down. They were both rather salty and pretty 'flat' tasting on the palate. Perhaps there were not enough spices to add to the depth of flavour and whilst I loved picking at the lamb bones and sucking the rich marrow, there's just not much meat on it and not great for a desk lunch. The chicken tasted over braised and was dry to eat. 

But roti dunked into curry is the ultimate combo so out of the two, curry lamb wins. 

The other Malaysia food on the menu sounds really good and hopefully I'll be back to work through those too.

40 Doric Way
Kings Cross (but it's right next to Euston Station)


  1. Those roti are undoubtedly the best I've had outside Malaysia! Really authentic stuff :) xx

    Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

    1. If you say it's authentic, I believe you!! I loved them :) xx

  2. I work near there too and you really have to be there just before opening to get in for lunch! Worth it though.

    1. Ah just before opening, no wonder! I always get there just after and it is packed. but yes, so worth it :)


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