Baby Wears | 3-6 Months

As I find myself packing away the clothes Isaac has outgrown, I can't help thinking where the time has gone. Clothes that swamped him when he first wore them are now busting at the seams and his legs are threatening to break through the now too small sleep suits.

Baby clothes were one of the things I looked forward to buying the most when I was pregnant, but I had to restrain myself knowing that friends and family were going to shower us with them. So generous that we have enough until he is 2 years old!

Who can resist the utter cuteness of baby clothes, because I know I can't. I always thought there was a huge choice for girl babies and hardly any for boys, but I'm so glad that hasn't been the case.

Before I pack away his 3-6 month clothing, I thought I would share them with you guys because they are just too cute not to. 

Can't wait to share his 6-9 months collection next with you guys!

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