The Potato Project, Round 2

I adored the jacket potatoes the last time I went to The Potato Project*, so I was looking forward to going back at some point.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to The Potato Project's Autumn menu review to try out all their new Autumn fillings such as the wild mushrooms, blue cheese and truffle oil and the chipotle braised lamb shank to name a few, but the lovely people at The Potato Project made sure I didn't miss out by inviting me back on a lunch date. So off I went on a baby lunch date with my friend Eva and her little one Teddy, who is only 2 weeks younger than Isaac.

The downstairs seating area is great for larger groups and is more intimate than the upstairs bar seats, but the lighting is not great for photos, so apologies for the yellow tinged pics.

Whilst I was so tempted to get the delicious tuna mayo with sweetcorn like G had last time, I knew I had to try something else from their extensive potato menu instead. Eva ended up going for the tuna mayo and after a bit of umming and ahhing, I finally settled on the smoked ham hock with pesto mayo, mozzarella and sun-dried tomato.

My jacket filled with smoked ham hock, pesto mayo, mozzarella and sun-dried tomato. The ham hock was tasty, but I wasn't sure all the flavour elements worked together. Maybe a spicy mayo would have worked better, but I was sure that the pesto mayo wasn't a great choice as there just wasn't enough oomph for me. Still, the potato is a good one, fluffy with a perfect jacket.

Eva reported that her tuna mayo was lovely, but the roasted corn is missing! That was what made the tuna mayo so good, along with that pickled onion. Missing a key ingredient in the filling wasn't good especially as I remembered it to be awesome.

Root veg slaw is clean and tasting with mild flavours. Great as a side.

We finished off with a yummy salted caramel ice cream as well as a good flat white for me too. The jacket fillings were not as impressive this time round, but the menu is constantly changing and I know I'll be back for more. Hopefully, next time will be a tastier affair!

27 Noel Street

*I was a guest of The Potato Project. All views are my own and unbiased. 

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