My Home Office

Having a home office space is pretty much an essential for me. It's my space for blogging, sorting through my photos and doing life admin in peace.

We have alcoves in all the rooms in our house and it's perfect for a small desk. G has his own home office in the dining area, and mine is located in our bedroom.

I planned on a clean aesthetic in the form of a white desk and chair, with acrylic drawers to store my stationery. The desk comes with just enough storage to hide away paperwork without looking clumsy, and the office chair adds some character to the space whilst being fully supportive of my back for long hours in front of my computer. Both desk and chair were from Ikea. 

I am forever re-arranging things on my desk, but generally my diary and notebook is always present along with my favourite Kate Spade stationery. I cannot resist Kate Spade stationery, everything is just so elegant and chic. The rose gold plating is simply stunning - it's the Rolls Royce of stationery! I have a stapler, a tape dispenser and a tackle box from the range.

I love my Muji acrylic drawers for organising my other bits and bobs whilst keeping the desk looking clean and tidy. The mug doubles up as a pen pot with the inspiring phrase "throw kindness around like confetti".

Pretty stationery just makes working so much more fun, don't you think? I'm totally a stationery addict.

My diary and notebooks are from Typo. I adore that shop and always spend a mini fortune in there every time I go back to Hong Kong. 

The mousepad is from Zazzle. Love the marble print with a bit of rose gold.

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*The tape dispenser and tackle box were gifted to me.


  1. Can't wait to share my home office hehe!

  2. boxeswithfashionOctober 21, 2016

    Lovely post!
    I am currently making plans about how my future home office will look like, so thanks for this inspiration.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I love a home office post, good luck with yours.


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