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Since becoming a mum, I knew eating out in London would become a rarity. But at 8 weeks old and earlier than I'd imagined, Isaac and I took our first trip to London.

Along with both our babies, my friend and I headed to Superstar Korean BBQ which is located at the very new and modern St Giles Piazza. I love Korean food and whilst I don't have Korean BBQ very often, I always enjoy it so much when I do. I mean what's not to love about barbecuing a huge spread of meat at your own table? 

The interiors are just gorgeous, starting with those beautiful copper lights. 

I have to say I was a little nervous about eating out with a baby and was worried about space at the restaurant. Thankfully, Superstar Korean BBQ is spacious and there was plenty of room to park both prams. 

Everything looked super tasty on the menu and we had a hard time choosing. We ended up going for the set lunch with a choice of 2 BBQs each. The set comes with rice, soup, salad and dips. We also ordered a few sides so that we could try a bit of everything.

Before we could tuck into our fine lunch, the babies eat first, haha.

A non alcoholic cocktail to start.

The Korean fried chicken coated with special soy was so moreish. Crispy on the outside with a sweet and savoury soya sauce coating. Nice touch and contrast with the side of pickled radish too.

The vegetarian japchae noodles were spot on and fragrant with sesame oil. Not too oily and seasoned just right. The kimchi and and radish kimchi was delicious too. A really great start with the starters/sides.

Between the 2 of us, we went for the beef rib galbi, beef boolgogi, sesame and garlic sirloin and the belly pork.

My favourite had to be the rib galbi. Super tender meat with some bounce, it was marinaded in a lovely sweet soya sauce base. The boolgogi beef was similar in taste to the rib galbi but the meat had less of a bitey texture to it. The sirloin was quite dry and tough compared to the rib, and needed more of the dipping sauce to serve. For all the beef dishes, I like to dip it in extra sweet soya sauce and eat with rice.

The pork belly was deliciously fatty and very fresh. Once cooked, it tastes great dipped in the sesame oil, salt and pepper, or wrapped in lettuce with some miso paste and spring onion. 

Babies who lunch...!

We were pretty full after such an epic BBQ lunch but couldn't resist the yummy sounding dessert.

The shaved ice with red bean and chopped nuts (top) was unbelievably delicious! The shaved ice has the texture of soft snow which melts on the tongue instantly and is so light and airy in contrast with the heavy sweet red bean sauce. Somehow it worked really well and the chopped nuts gave the overall dessert a great texture. Chocolate nutty Pocky sticks on side too. Loved this dessert.

The black sesame ice cream didn't fair as well and tasted of artificial black sesame flavouring rather that real black sesame seed which has a very distinctive fragrance.

Our meal was so enjoyable that I am already planning to return for another lunch soon!

The quality of the food is really high, and all the meats were amazingly fresh which is so important for a BBQ restaurant. The set lunch with 2 choices of BBQ is a good deal at £19.50 but when added along with sides, drinks, desserts and service, it can quite easily become a costly meal. However, it's money well spent for the quality of the food and the fact that everything was super tasty and authentic too. The set dinner menus are a good deal too since it includes lots of various things to try. They also have a karaoke room available for hire - great for birthdays and work events.

Thank you to Superstar Korean BBQ for a delicious baby's-first-outing lunch!

Will you be heading to Superstar Korean BBQ for a scrumptious lunch? 

I was a guest of Superstar Korean BBQ. All opinions are my own and unbiased.  


  1. Oh my gosh so much food!! Have to go here with Hang soon! Love Korean food especially the BBQ. Glad you all had a lovely day out :)

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. Yes so much good food! I am always hungry haha. Its all really good quality, you will love it! x


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