My Baby Shower

Hey guys, I've had yet another mini siesta on my blog.

I've been desperately working through a long to-do list since going on maternity leave at the end of May. I can't believe I'm 38 weeks already and the due date is only 2 weeks away! We cannot wait to meet our little guy but just hope he stays put for a while longer so that I can get  through some more of my to-do list (you guys can tell I'm a control freak right?!).

A few weeks back, I had my baby shower and had the most tremendous time. I spent the whole day laughing my head off with awesome friends and it was just such a great day.

My friend Hanh, who you guys know as the one behind all my YouTube cooking videos, gave me a gift to remember forever; a wonderful baby shower video! I can't thank her enough for such an incredible gift which I've re-watched many times. She is brilliant at making films so make sure you check her out on her YouTube channel, Hanhabelle for more videos.

Apparently it's not the appropriate etiquette to arrange your own baby shower, but I knew I wanted to spoil my friends with some bakes and have decorations my way so I went ahead and planned the theme and food anyway.

I did get help from my besties and they were such superstars in helping co-ordinate the guest list, prepping food on the day and coming up with the crazily fun games that had me cackling throughout. I'm honestly so lucky and blessed to have these girls in my life. One of my best friends happen to be a dude but I didn't want him to miss out so he got invited too, just like how he was invited to my hen.

Baking this much during the last trimester was exhausting, but so worth it when I saw my friends enjoying it all.

Favours for the guests. My macarons in black sesame  + coconut (white) and lychee (pink).

Lemon layer baby shower cake.

Mango pudding with coconut.

Chocolate coated funfetti pretzels.

Cute as a button biscuits in almond flavour.

Hummus + veg pots.

I also baked some mini lemon meringue pies (top left), and bought milk bottle gummies, marshmallows and popcorn to fill my pretty jars with. The girls made the lovely sandwiches and we got the hot bites from M&S.

Drinks station.

Polaroid memories.

A gorgeous baby shower bouquet filled with babygrows and socks handmade by my best friend!

Hilarious baby shower games in the garden that had me roaring with laughter.

If you missed it before, check out the baby shower I planned for one of my good friends last year.

Hope you guys enjoyed the baby shower video and photos!


  1. Aww this was sweet to read and relive your Baby Shower again! So glad you had a wonderful time and liked the video!! The food, decor and games was so much fun :)

    Wow 2 weeks!!

    1. Thanks again Hanh for coming and giving me such a wonderful present! I love planning baby showers or any sort of party haha =)

  2. Awww such a lovely Baby shower! Congratulations on little Isaac, he is just GORGEOUS!
    Lyndsay xx

    1. Thanks so much Lyndsay, I can't stop staring at his little face every day =)


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