The World's Best Jacket Potato, The Potato Project

"The world's best jacket potato" is not a statement I could make easily, but The Potato Project* in Soho really does deserve that crown, so let me indulge you on just how good a humble spud can get.

On a rare lunch date with hubby, we headed over to The Potato Project and I couldn't wait to work through the menu. It seems that the fillings all have quite a special twist on them; Chilli beef ragu with blue cheese, Cornish brie with roast artichokes and olives to name a couple, and the sides/desserts all sounded great too.

I can never resist chilli con carne jackets, so of course I needed to try this one whilst G went for the tuna mayo with roast corn and pickled red onion. We also got a couple of sides to share and made sure there was room for a dessert too.

The dining area downstairs is perfect for a quiet lunch and I'm all for that industrial/warehouse/rustic interior look!

The fillings at The Potato Project are sensational. It turned an already great jacket pot into an exceptionally wondrous meal that left us both wanting more, and since G is not a fan of jacket potatoes, this is really saying something.  

My chilli beef ragu was made out of chucks of slow cooked beef, instead of the usual minced beef and it was seasoned so perfectly. Every bite was packed full of flavour. I'm not a fan of blue cheese, so it was great that I could go for the cheddar option instead.

G's tuna mayo with roasted corn and pickled red onion blew both our minds and tastebuds. I have never ever tasted a tuna jacket packed with so many depths of flavour!

Instead of using tinned sweetcorn in their tuna mayo, the use of roasted corn added a subtle smokiness and sweetness to the filling, and the pickled red onion was just so moreish with the right amount of zing. The tuna was creamy and at room temperature rather than the usual cold temperature and it amplified all the flavours. Whoa. 

This wasn't my jacket, but I ended up eating nearly half of it, and G of course then ate half of mine!   

And oh the tomatoes! The Heritage Tomato Salad uses 7 types of tomatoes, infused with refreshing basil and drizzled in vinaigrette. So good, and I can't believe it was only £2.

Half loaded avocado. As I'm not a huge fan of avocados I can't comment too much, but G enjoyed it. 

Dessert time. We're pretty stuffed by now, so we share the House Sweet Potato Cheese Cake with Manuka Honey and crumble. As far as desserts go, this has to be one of the healthiest superfood desserts around. The texture reminded me more of a mousse than cheesecake. It's not bad but wasn't my favourite. 

The Potato Project really are experts in transforming the humble spud, we enjoyed lunch so much that I was still craving for one of their jackets, days after our visit. I cannot wait to go back and work through the rest of the toppings, but I know it will be hard to deviate from the tuna or the chilli jacket.

Have you guys been to The Potato Project before and do you think it's The World's Best Jacket Potato? I would love to know!

*I was a guest of The Potato Project. All views are my own and unbiased.


  1. They look so good, esp the tuna red onion!

    1. Yes the pickled onion really made it quite special. Yummy!

  2. I love a good jacket for lunch or even dinner but J is so fussy he keeps saying it doesnt fill him up properly!

    1. Jacket anytime for me too but G doesn't like. This managed to fill geoff up with sides too, it was quite huge!

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks spectacular! I love a good jacket potato - must get across soonest!

    1. It really was!! This is a must visit Claire!

  4. These all dishes are looking yummy. I just want to try one of these above at once.


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