Cheats-Way Eton Mess Cake

Freshly baked homemade cakes are just the best, there is nothing that beats it. I'm in the camp for baking from scratch, but there are days when you just can't be bothered and this weekend was one of them.

Being ill for the past week has not been fun especially after getting so bunged up that I couldn't taste anything. I mean is there anything worse than eating food and not being able to taste it?!

Anyway, I was desperate for cake and decided to compromise with cake mix. It was still going to be freshly baked, and with only half the effort and washing up. This Eton Mess traybake hit the spot but admittedly didn't taste as good as the made-from-scratch type. However, it did get me in the mood for summer and helped me forget how rubbish I was feeling even if it was just for a short while.

There isn't a recipe to share as such, since all I did was follow the cake mix instructions from the packet (I used vanilla sponge), throw in 12 roughly chopped strawberries into the cake mix and poured the batter in a tray. Scatter some sliced strawberries and broken meringue and in the oven it went for 20 minutes.

To make this feel more of an occasion, I served it in my beautiful crystal Dartington Chalice Trifle Bowl*. Having a nice piece like this to display baked goods really can elevate the moment and it's perfect when you have guests overs or for throwing afternoon tea/dinner parties.

Hope you guys enjoy this cheats recipe! 

*Item gifted


  1. Love these cheat recipes since I am always lazy to make from scratch...more so now with a baby!

    1. Yes cheats recipes are the way to go! haha


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