It's early evening and we're ready for a spot of shopping after a quick freshen up. Our hotel is literally 5 minutes walk to the shopping area in Namba with plenty of restaurants around.

Muji in Japan and most of Asia sell food, and I love the food and snacks by Muji! If only UK would introduce this too.

As we came out of Muji, we saw a ton of people queueing for this bakery so I headed over for a nose. Turns out they sell Japanese cotton cheesecake and it's pretty famous too. Right on my doorstep and I didn't know!

I'm sheep and wait in line patiently for my turn to get my hands on one. They are literally baked and churned out as fast as they can so there is a little waiting time, but if you've ever tried Japanese cotton cheesecake you'll know just how worth it, it is.

It has the taste of a Western cheesecake, that lovely sweet cheesy tang, but the texture is that of a super soft and cottony sponge cake. Honestly, one of the best cakes out there in the world.

The cute bearded face is imprinted on the cakes as they come out of the oven. Don't they just look so perfect, round and fluffy? These ones had raisins at the bottom. As soon as I got my box, I had to tear a piece to eat straightaway. It was still piping hot, and had the softest texture ever! 

It was a pretty good Japanese cotton cheesecake, but I have to say the recipe I use is even better than this one. I promise I will share it one day on here! The cake completely made up for the bad lunch (I really was in mourning over that lost meal opportunity to eat amazing food) and we were ready for dinner. 

Dropped our shopping and cake back to the hotel and headed straight out to our favourite Dotonbori. 

Okonomyaki is an Osaka food, just like takoyaki and we're super keen to try it at the famous Mizuno which is located in a covered shopping strip just by the green dragon ramen shop we saw on our first night in Osaka. There's quite a queue for it even though we are early, but we're prepared to wait and work up a healthy appetite.  

Okonomyaki is a savoury pancake or pizza, filled with shredded cabbage and a variety of meat from pork, bacon to seafood. I've made it many times at home and for dinner parties, and it's always a hit. You can easily make Okonomiyaki at home with the right ingredients too. 
Okonomiyaki construction right in front of us.

Our okonomiyaki hits the spot! It's nicely sweet and savoury as well as being super filling. The mayo and BBQ sauce on top does get a little sickly towards to end, but overall, it's pretty good. This is the beginning of okonomiyaki obsession once I'm back home in London. 

I read about the fantastic ramen here by one of my favourite blogger's B-Kyu, but sadly there was no stomach space to fit ramen in. The perils of travelling and not enough stomach room. Every foodie traveller understands this sadness.

Super large size Pocky stick and the symbolic Glico man!

Good old Dotonbori.

This is the alleyway off Dotonbori that lead us to glorious beef the previous night.

I might be full, but there's a teeny bit of room for these BBQ'd Alaskan crabs! The stall with the giant crab signage had been teasing since yesterday and there was no way I could pass on this on our final night in Osaka.

The flesh is so incredibly sweet and succulent, whilst being on the barbie gave it a delicious smoky flavour. G is not a fan of crab, though he did give it a small bite. More for me!

After a last wander down Dotonbori, we hop on the metro and head over to the old town of Shinsekai.  

Unfortunately, most of the shops and restaurants are already closed by the time we arrive, but there's still plenty of crazy bright lights and signage to keep us amused.

Like this golden statue.

We saw some locals having very passionate conversations and a girl drunk out of her face, slumped on the floor. So this is how they do yakitori in Osaka!

And this ends our short but super sweet trip to Osaka. Osaka, we love you! We'll be back one day. We're sad to be leaving, but our next and final Japan adventure awaits.

Next stop Miyako, Okinawa.

Don't miss out on the rest of our Japan travels!


  1. Looks amazing Lucy!! I think we're going to do four nights Tokyo, one night Hakone, three Kyoto and one Osaka. We'll be getting an earlyish flight from Kansai the next day so kind of make sense. Thanks for your tips :)

    1. Thanks Angie and you are most welcome. I am super, super excited for you!! You're itinerary sounds perfect! Can't wait to read about it all on your blog =)

  2. This post really makes me want to book a ticket to Japan. You managed to get one of those "jiggle" cheesecakes, I've been seeing them all over the social media channels!

    1. Awww thanks guys! Japan is amazing, go ahead and book that ticket! Haha, yes Japnaese cotton cheesecakes are very jiggly and they taste awesome!

  3. Hi.

    Your blog is awesome. May I know what hotel you stay at Osaka? Thanks


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