Living The Lagom Way with Ikea #LiveLagom | PART 2

2 months have flown by since my first post on Living The Lagom Way, and I am absolutely loving the change it has made in our household.

So far, we have accomplished all the #LiveLagom goals I set back in January and we have definitely benefited from a reduction in the overall energy use as well as further reducing our food wastage. As a result, my life has felt more organised, less cluttered and a greater sense of well being. Here's what I picked up.

Display Cabinet
The display cabinet was our biggest purchase and we've seen the most result from this.

I transferred a load of mugs, crockery and bake-ware that doesn't get used daily from the kitchen cabinets into the display cabinet, and this has freed up the kitchen cabinets for better food organisation as well as reducing our dishwasher cycle by 50%!

We used to use all 20+ mugs after one drink and this meant we ran a full dishwasher cycle every single day. Now we limit 2-3 cups per person in the kitchen cabinet and this has reduced the dishwasher cycles to around 3 full washes per week.

Better Organised Kitchen Cabinets
Now that the cabinets have been freed up, I really let my OCD kick in and re-organised everything! I can now see what I have with ease and can avoid repurchasing items we already have.

The plastic boxes above are from Muji and helps organise all the small things. Noodles/pastas are on the middle shelf.

The dishwasher was running when I took these photos, so the cabinets are a little emptier than usual.

Being able to put away some appliances have freed up counter tops and makes the kitchen look a lot less cluttered, which I am really enjoying.

Reducing Food Waste + Food Bills

I have a load of different types of teas in my tea cupboard that doesn't get drunk but since we got the glass bottle, I've been making iced green tea/oolong tea weekly. It's so refreshing.

The glass tupperware which can go in the fridge/freezer/oven has mainly been used for chopped up fruits and we are no longer letting fruit rot to death and wasting it. It's a great way to get our 5 a day too.   

The tall glass jars were picked up for spaghetti and rice, and I now buy larger packs of these staples which works out cheaper.   

I've been batch cooking using the beautiful cast iron pot and pan. We are definitely saving money and energy by cooking more, freezing portions and taking lunch to work more frequently.  

In terms of reducing our overall food waste, I've been meal planning a lot better by doing our main shop in Sainsbury's every fortnight and using our local Co-op for top ups. I now stick to the 3 veg/3 fruit rule for Sainsbury's so that food doesn't go off before we have the chance to eat it.

Floor Lamp

We used to leave the main lights on in the evening for watching TV or chilling out, but we've switched to using this low energy LED floor lamp to save even more energy. 
Cushions for added cosiness.

The Other Items

The full length mirror sits in the bathroom and makes my morning getting dressed a lot easier and I don't have to disturb G since he starts work later than I do.

The steamer insert is great for steaming veggies whilst I am boiling potatoes/pasta but I haven't used this very much since I seem to mainly stir fry my vegetables.

Clothes airer. This is our 3rd one and it just means we have more capacity for doing the extra washes like bedding. Air drying is definitely better for energy bills than a tumble dryer.

LED spotlights. I intended for 1 to be put in the wardrobe and 1 for under the kitchen cabinet, but so far I haven't got round to sticking them on yet, oops.

The next and last instalment of the #LiveLagom series will be in May, please stayed tuned! 

*This project is in collaboration with Ikea.


  1. I am so jealous of all your pretty bowls!

    1. Ahhh thanks Connie! I love them too, it's taken years of slow collecting :)


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