Hachoo Bubble Tea Kits

The bubble tea phenomenon has officially taken over London with the scores of bubble tea shops opening up just doors apart, and now you can make bubble tea easily in the comfort of your own home with Hachoo bubble tea kits*. I know this is going to become hugely popular in the near future, since we are such a nation of tea lovers!

Bubble tea originated from Taichung in Taiwan, invented by Chun Shui Tang tea house in the 1980's, which I had the pleasure to visit earlier in the December just gone. Tea is infused with milk and flavorings like strawberry, matcha and mango to name a few, and tapioca pearls are added to it, creating the 'bubbles'. 

I remember being absolutely fascinated with it as teenager and would take the opportunity to have it as often as I could, and whilst I don't have it much these days, I can still appreciate a good bubble tea.

I tried Hachoo's original set which comprises of jasmine tea and creamer, and also the variety box that offer 5 flavours including lychee, taro, honeydew melon, strawberry and chocolate. I haven't made my way around all the flavours yet, but the original is a winner for me, and my friends loved the taro.

Left to right: Lychee tea, original jasmine tea, taro tea.

The pearls do take a while to cook, but they taste just like the ones in the bubble tea shops, so it's worth waiting for.

Jasmine tea is a little too floral for my liking in bubble tea and I can see these kits working just as well with oolong tea, tie guan yin tea or black tea. Perhaps it's my preference for the stronger black teas, as I tend to gear towards these rather than the lighter teas such as jasmine and green tea, but it's interesting to note that all the bubble tea shops in London apparently use jasmine tea as a standard.

So whether you love bubble tea or not, these home kits are perfect for a weekend treat or as a show stopper for when you have friends over and I love the idea of them. They'd make great presents along with a cute glass mug, don't you think?

*These were sent to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. This looks really good...perfect for people like myself who live outside London and desperate for a fix! They would be perfect for partys / events!

    1. They look so cute right?! It was great making them for friends when they came round to ours


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