Authentic Madras Curry Kit by Hari Ghotra

Authentic curries in a kit? I'm in. I love curries especially the authentic kind but it's not easy for me to venture into Tooting for when the curry cravings kick in, and I'm pretty rubbish at cooking a good Indian at home. I've tried many times and I just can't get it right.

I'm pretty mixed when it comes to cooking kits as I've not had the best experience of them but I'm glad I tried Hari's curry kit.

Initially, I wasn't wowed by the taste right after cooking as it was far too tangy and the flavours of salt, sweet, tang and spice wasn't balanced. However, a 'maturing' or flavours happened overnight and my leftover chicken curry lunch tasted fabulous the next day!

There's many more types of curry kits from the range and I'd happily buy more of these to try. A word of warning though, they were not the fast curry kits I had expected. From start to finish it took me around 1 hour and that's with me cheating and reducing a bit of the cooking time.

The whole process involves grinding some of the spices, cooking and browning the onions alone, simmering the sauce down, adding the meat then simmering some more. It's cooking best left for the weekend rather than a weekday dinner, but quite a rewarding one.

Gather all required ingredient, I chose to use chicken.

The kit comes with 4 packs labelled with numbers. Packet number 1 needs to be grinded first and then mixed with packet number 2. The mixed spices are then added to the chicken for marinading. 

Add packet 3 into a pan with oil and onions. The next step is to brown the onions for around 20-25 minutes.

Add in the tomatoes, packet number 4, garlic, ginger and chillies and simmer for 30 minutes until the sauce has reduced. Then thrown in the marinaded chicken and simmer for a further 20-30 minutes.

Hari's authentic chicken madras is served. Looks pretty good right?

Will you be trying a Hari Ghotra kit at home? 

*The kit was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own and unbiased. 


  1. This looks delicious! I'm from India so my parents usually make curries from scratch but this kit looks super simple and easy to make! I think i'd definitely give this a go seeing as I can't cook curries from scratch... hehe x


    1. Thank you! Making curry from scratch def takes time, but the flavours are always so worth it. I like the portion sizing in these kits too so I don't end up with loads of spices I never use again.


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