#GloriousAdventures in Phuket Thailand

I am a huge Glorious! soup fan and to be honest, before they came along, I couldn't stand the fresh supermarket soups. I found them bland and a pure waste of calories.

My all time favourite has to be the Tuscan Chicken & Orzo soup. It's tomatoey, savoury, with a hint of sweetness and I love the textures of the vegetables with the orzo pasta and finely shredded chicken. And it certainly transports me to Italy, the home of hearty cooking!

All of the Glorious! soups are inspired by adventures around the world, and recently the Sunny Thai Chicken soup has been on my radar since the flavours remind me of a wonderful holiday I had in Thailand almost a decade ago. It's well know that certain tastes and smells link in with our memories and can transport us right back to those moments left behind in history.

Thailand was one of my first girly holidays with a close friend, and we both always talk about how great that holiday was. We had both just been working for around 2 years, starting to earn our own money and had caught the wanderlust bug. As we were in our early 20's and didn't have a care in the world, we had so much fun on this holiday and best of all, we were adults and could make decisions without our parents!  

We took rides on an elephant, had a simply luxurious day in a Thai spa and got pampered like a princess. Booking to see a lady boy show felt so naughty and exhilarating at the same time, and it was at that show we managed to bump into uni friends (from London) who happened to be in Phuket at the same time AND watched the same show as us!

Every morning started off with a delicious breakfast buffet in our indulgent hotel followed by trips to the beach. Digging my toes into the sand is a sure way to completely unwind and enjoy being on holiday.

It was the holiday that also made me fall in love with Thai food. That wonderful balance of hot, sour, sweet and savoury, a flavour that you can't forget once you've tried it. All the roadside snacks and street food we came across were incredible too and not once did we fall ill either.

Now that my friend and I are in our 30's (and still as good friends as we were back then!) with many responsibilities at home, it's no longer easy to just hop on a plane like we did 10 years ago. But thanks to Glorious! I've just had a great time reminiscing the past through these treasured photos. Now please excuse me whilst I send my friend a watsapp message to chat about the good old days! 

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