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So what are you up to today? 

London is an amazing city with more to do and more to eat than you can imagine but do this a few times a week and you'll find your bank balance in overdraft weeks before you make it to payday.

This is where Wonderush* comes in. How does paying a flat fee of £29 a month and having access to unlimited classes and events sound? If you manage to do something new everyday, this works out to £1 a day, and we are talking about awesome events that wouldn't even cross your mind to do. 

Think harmonica lessons to ukulele to meditating, and highly enjoyable massages to food crawls and cocktail making. This could be you having a brilliant evening for as little as £1. 

Even if you don't think you need to add more to your usual routine and activities, going to fitness related classes are often expensive, and Wonderush gives you access to these too, so you could see it like a cheaper gym alternative. I have paid around £15 per class for yoga and pilates class before, so even going once a week easily makes up for the £29 monthly fee and you get to try at different locations until you find a studio you love.    

Wonderush acts as the hub of hundreds of things to do in London, all bookable under one roof (or website) and you can book as many as you like.

I got a taste of Wonderush a short while ago when Hanh invited me to go with her to try out a fun event put on for bloggers.

We started with a lovely breakfast, had salsa lessons, moved onto life drawing, played with a ukulele, and had a delicious Sri Lankan lunch in between. Sadly, I couldn't stay for the whole event and I missed out on yoga and playing on the retro games.

Everyone waiting patiently for the salsa lessons to start. Our instructor moved with so much ease but the moves are anything but easy haha!

Eventually I got the hang of not moving like an elephant with 2 left feet.... I even partnered with the instructor for a dance and it sure makes it easier when the leader of the duo guides you through the steps. Whilst I don't think I'll be going back in a hurry, it was fun trying new dance moves.

Next up is life drawing, which I really didn't think I would enjoy but it turned out to be my favourite activity! I found it so relaxing and therapeutic to let my pencil flow across the paper and of course it made it far more exciting that we were drawing a beautiful burlesque dancer who also treated us to a dance in between poses. 

I know my drawings are hilarious and I had a good old laugh at them too. 

I didn't mean to make her look like a witch...!

The 2 winners of the life drawings, now these girls really can draw!

And for the finale, this last pose had us oohh-ing away. We're just so mature!

Lunch was a delicious Sri Lanka affair provided by Kothu Kothu. I've never had the chance to try Sri Lankan food until now and I am hooked. 

Roti is chopped up and fried with mixed vegetables, egg, curried meat, spices and coconut. The flavours were so tasty and they really did justice to the curried mutton, a meat I generally didn't like very much up until now. I shall be hunting down Kothu Kothu (which means chop chop) when they have their stall at KERB

Ukulele is very new to me and I have to admit I didn't even know what it was. A mini guitar probably best describes it, we we learnt some of the notes. A guitarist I will never be, but it was cute to hold a diddy guitar.

So that ended my first Wonderush experience and I think I am going to give the harmonica lessons a go, I know it will bring back some great nostalgic memories of my dad playing one to me as a child.

The good news is, my readers can use the discount code LUCYLOVES for only £1 for the first month! That's £1 to try out these amazing events for yourself!! 

So what are you guys waiting for? Join Wonderush and start living a life more awesome! 

*I was a guest of Wonderush, all opinions are my own. 


  1. Ohh you got a lot of photos of the burlesque dancer, haha!

    Hanh / hanhabelle

    1. Hahahaha, that was my favourite part Hanh! lol

  2. looks like so much fun lovely pictures.
    My blog: RumelaTheShopaholic

    1. It really was! Thanks for stopping by Rumela x

  3. Looks like you had such a lovely day! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Wow! What a great idea - Wonderush page bookmarked!

    1. Yes it's a great idea! And especially if you're only going to pay £1 for the first month =D

  5. I love this idea, and it's so reasonably priced as well! I've always wanted to go to a figure drawing class, but everyone seems so into it and intimidating. It's great that you had fun and it was therapeutic! I wish they had a program like this in my city!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. It great with Wonderush as you get to try things and decide if you want to keep going. Everyone was chilled out about drawing, so it was just about having fun. Oh shame you are not in London?


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